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    • 07-04-2020

    Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling knows that due to the current Covid-19 outbreak our communities are adjusting to new realities. We also know that this a time for communities and neighbors to show support to one another and try to adapt as best we can during this time. We want our customers to know that we are still serving our community, and open and taking on new projects – with some new innovations and technology. Here are some things that you can expect when you deal with our Magnolia team. Free Estimates & Virtual Meetings If you are interested in a new project for your home, our team is offering free estimates so you can better understand the costs and effort that will go into your project. Whether you need a new roof for your home, paving and masonry work, patio and deck work, or other home remodeling projects, our team is glad to help.  Furthermore, we are proud to also offer virtual video meetings to review and discuss all the aspects of your home remodeling project. Our team can also utilize highly advanced satellite and 3D measuring tools that enable our team to calculate your property online.  Financing Plans & No Interest  We are currently offering 100% financing plans, low monthly payment options, and no interest so you can get the work you need done without having to dip into your savings. Contact Magnolia Home Remodeling Today We’re proud to be a local and family-owned business with over 25 years of remodeling and industry experience. To learn more about our contracting and remodeling services and options in New Jersey, please contact us for a free estimate.

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    • 22-02-2020

    Commercial Roofing Problems and Solutions Many in New Jersey do not realize the differences in residential and commercial roofing, but it is important to realize they are not the same, there are differences between them, and they should be handled differently. The problems that NJ building owners face and the solutions to their commercial roofing problems also can vary from residential roofing installations especially with the wide range of temperatures and variations of New Jersey weather conditions.   THE MOST COMMON COMMERCIAL ROOFING PROBLEMS ... AND THE SOLUTIONS! Listed below you will find the most common problems building New Jersey business owners and facility managers face with their roofs. A Leaking Roof the most common commercial roofing problem today. The solution to a leaking roof is different in every situation. Metal roof, you may be able to patch or caulk the leak. Or it may be so pervasive that you have to replace entire metal panels to fix the leak. Most Foam roofs can usually be patched with caulk.  Blow offs are caused by winds that get underneath the roofing material and life it up off the roof deck. There is no “repair” you can make, only a replacement. Improper Installation If your was installed improperly there isn’t a whole lot of choice other than replacement. As with blow off, the best way to prevent this problem is to stop it before it occurs by only hiring a roofing company with a good reputation. Poor Roof Maintenance Stick to a scheduled maintenance plan. Performing inspections and maintaining your roof properly will avoid the need for roof replacement. Usually, by the time it your roof shows signs of wear and tear that are apparent, that roof may be too far gone for repair. Standing or Ponding Water There are a few options. 1.) purchase electric pumps to move the water to better drainage area. 2:)  raise that section of roof If you have access to the underside of the roof by adding more supports to eliminate the low spot or 3.) Install water barriers that do not let water flow to or rain fall on the area that is ponding. This is the most work, but outside of replacing the roof area with a more level roofing system, it is the most effective method. Punctures in the Roof Surface These can be patched or caulked depending on your roofing material. Both solutions are mere “bandaids” for the problem, but they will stop any leaks resulting from the puncture. Improper Repairs Basically, the roof experienced a problem, possible a leak, and it was repaired but was done incorrectly. Sometimes, you can identify where or how the repair was made improperly, undo the repair and redo it the right way. Sometimes not, in which case you may have to start over from scratch. Avoid this problem by hiring a contractor that is reputable and dependable. Blistering Roof Surface Occurs in single-ply roofs, foam roofs, and restoration coatings. The solution: cut out the blister and replace it. Blisters can often be pervasive, but they aren’t a huge concern if they appear. Shrinking Roof Surface Roofs shrink and expand depending on outside temperatures. This flexing causes the outer surface of the roof become damaged and create leaks. The solution is a roof coating, elastic enough to stretch with the roof as it flexes, which maintains its membrane and prevents leaks . If you don’t have a coating, you will need to monitor your roof and make repairs as necessary due to the shrinking.To schedule an estimate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Groupplease click on the free estimate button or call 855-624-6655.Estimates are always free and we greatly appreciate the opportunity! We Accept All Major Credit Cards

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    Spring and early summer are generally cost-effective times to have your NJ roof repaired or replaced, as it is generally a slower time of year for roofing companies in our area, and materials and labor costs tend to be lower.How long can I expect it to take?you can expect a typical roof replacement on a 1,000-2,000 sq. ft. home to take anywhere from 1-3 days.Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?A typical all-perils homeowners insurance policy covers the replacement of a roof, regardless of age, only if it is the result of an act of nature. Roofs that have exceeded their intended life span are not eligible for replacement because they fall under the general maintenance responsibility of the homeowner. What are the expected steps to Residential Roof Replacement?   #1 – Property Protection. Magnolia Home Remodeling’s roofing team makes sure that your entire property is fully protected while roofing replacement is underway.  This includes siding, walls, plants, bushes, etc. using tarps and protection plywood where needed.   #2 – Removal of Old Roofing Material. All old shingles will be completely removed in order to inspect the wood decking underneath.   #3 – Roofing Inspection. Each roof replacement project begins with a thorough inspection of the wood decking. Soft, wet or rotted wood needs to be replaced because only when you have a solid base for your roofing structure can your shingles stay intact. We also check for missing nails and take care of that or after several weeks you will see ‘bumps’ on your roof.     #4 – Preparing The Roof Surface For Shingles. Next, its time to install any roof flashing in place that isn’t already there. Then, install a drip edge, an ice and water barrier, and an underlayment.   #5 – New Roofing Material Installation. Once the base is ready, its time to start laying out the new roofing material, working from the bottom up,  followed by step and/or counter flashing, ridge vents, and ridge capping installation, as needed.   #6 – Site Cleanup. Magnolia Home Remodeling believes in leaving a job site cleaner than it had been before we came in.   #7 – Final Inspection. The Magnolia Home Remodeling roofing team will perform a post-roofing inspection. We want to make sure that your roof replacement is done correctly and that it meets with your complete satisfaction.  To schedule an estimate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Groupplease click on the free estimate button or call 855-624-6655.Estimates are always free and we greatly appreciate the opportunity! We Accept All Major Credit Cards

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    There is no better way to protect your family than by implementing the appropriate safety features in your home. With window-related accidents and issues occurring in New Jersey and in homes across America every year, there are a few important safety tips that every homeowner should know. Our experienced contractors at Magnolia Home Remodeling understand the importance of window and home safety, which is why they have prepared a safety guide for you and your family to follow. Important Window and Home Safety Tips Limit children’s’ access to windows If you have young children, a window can be a serious safety hazard if it is not properly secured or positioned out of the child’s reach. Window companies such as Pella offer a beautiful array of windows that can be locked to prevent children from falling out when adults are not in the room. Pella windows can also be paired with remote technology so that parents are always in control, and there is no need for strings or other manual features that children could potentially harm themselves with. Prepare for an emergency exit When redecorating a room or installing replacement windows, it is always important to consider the fastest way to exit if necessary. Homes should be equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that families can exit immediately if an emergency occurs. Parents should also educate their kids on how to safely get outside if they are not present during an emergency. Your emergency exit windows should therefore never be painted over, nailed shut, or overlaid with films and other accessories that will slow down your exit time. Practice precautionary landscaping Kids often let their imagination run wild and get themselves into dangerous situations while unsupervised. Even if you have leading window safety technology in place, it is always best to prepare for a child to fall out of your window by planting soft bushes and flower beds directly outside. Ensure safe window installation It is always best to have a professional install your windows for you, however if you plan on installing them yourself, it is important to follow safety procedures while doing so. Whether you are installing a small Anderson picture window or a luxurious Pella bay replacement window, you should always read the directions and use a sturdy ladder to install the piece. Contact us today to get a free estimate on a window replacement from top brands like Pella and Silverline!

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    Get started on your 2020 renovation plans!   Out with the old: Marble: The reason for its exit? There are more durable options available — like quartz, butcher block, or even granite.    In with the new: The Top 5 Most Durable Countertops Granite. Although natural granite remains one of today's most popular countertop choices, it may have met its match with the growing popularity of engineered granite. ... Quartz. Quartz countertops are a top contender when it comes to both durability and beauty. ... Recycled Glass. ... Concrete. ... Solid Surface. Consult with the experts at Magnolia Home Remodeling to see what would best suit your needs as well as fit your checkbook.   Out with the old: All-White Kitchens - BORING! - Wheres the ZIP? White cabinets will need to be cleaned more often than others. You have better things to do with your time, right?   In with the new: When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green really shine. Each of these shades can do something different for the room, but they all help create a warm and welcoming space. Warmer colors such as red are believed to stimulate the appetite and are an excellent option for kitchens. You can stay ’soft’, or go ‘BOLD’. You get to choose!   Out with the old: Subway Tiles - Been there, done that. There are many other cool ways to create a backsplash. Why not try a different shape, a handmade tile, or even a slab of stone instead?   In with the new: These days, you’ll find a broad range of styles, colors and patterns of subway tile. Add a special touch by installing natural stone or glass. Switch it up with a crackle effect, matte finish or arrange tiles in a vertical, staggered or herringbone pattern.   Out with the old: Heavy Industrial Style lighting fixtures: The new style lets the rest of the kitchen shine and doesn’t obstruct the view in an open-concept room. Tip: Be sure to always pay attention to the scale of your lights compared with your counters, cabinets, or kitchen island.    In with the new: LED Lighting! Thanks to ever-changing technology, LED lighting has lost its chilly, unfriendly look and continues to be applied in innovative ways. Use LED light bulbs to illuminate a toe-kick, perk up an island, or brighten the work space beneath cabinetry. The new-age lights are more efficient and longer-lasting than halogen and fluorescent bulbs. The future looks brighter than ever!   Out with the old: Pot Racks, dust collectors! No one wants to evict a family of dust bunnies when they go to use a pot or pan — or worst-case scenario you stop using your cookware because it’s out of reach. Either way, don’t bother hanging one of these in your kitchen.    In with the new: Ceiling treatments Realize the untapped potential of kitchen ceilings. An accent ceiling in a kitchen creates drama and intrigue in the working space. For the often overlooked area overhead, shallow coffers shake up small spaces, while moldings complementing the shape of an island or work space below can help define larger kitchens.   Out with the old: Stainless Steel Appliances: Forget stainless steel..  it's impossible to keep it clean and keep those fingerprints off. Too much Time and energy spent on cleaning it.   In with the new: Integrated Appliances: Sick of appliances sticking out like a sore thumb? Try integrating them into your kitchen with clever paneling and built-ins. This kitchen trend opens new worlds for designs; appliances can now stand alone as a stylish statement piece or quietly recede into surrounding cabinetry. there’s a wide range of finishes available for your appliances in 2020.   Out with the old: Open-Concept Kitchens: People used to be all about knocking down walls and opening up ALL THE SPACE. Now, we see the error of our ways and we want our walls back. People have gotten tired of looking at piles of dirty dishes while they sit on the couch, or putting their heads on throw pillows that smell like last night’s dinner.   In with the new: Check out the following trending kitchen remodeling ideas for 2020   Big, Practical Sinks When it comes to sink trends, the emphasis is on function. Generous, high-performance models with a single bowl contain splashes while simultaneously accommodating large pots and pans or other items that require hand washing. Consider farmhouse-style sinks, which have regained popularity.   Fewer Upper Cabinets Less is more, as made apparent by this minimalist trend. Upper cabinetry continues to come down as homeowners opt for the open, airy look of additional windows or choose to display dishware and artwork on open shelves. Open shelving in the kitchen makes it even easier to carry cups and plates from the dishwasher to their storage place.    Create Open Shelving Give upper kitchen cabinets a new look. Convert them to open shelving with this simple, step-by-step process. This will streamline your kitchen cleaning routine and give your kitchen a modern design.    Under Counter Appliances As upper cabinets disappear and walls open up, appliances and storage have shifted underneath counters. This trend favors universal design principles and keeps small appliances accessible. New microwave models, including microwave drawers, load from the top for added convenience.   Deep Drawers Extra-deep drawers, especially by the range, make cooking and storage effortless. They're more accessible than typical base cabinetry and so simple to integrate into a beautiful kitchen design. Add-ons, like pegboard and drawer organizers, keep drawers tidy and prevent plasticware tumbles. New kitchen storage features will change the way you use your kitchen.    To schedule an estimate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group please click on the free estimate button or call (855) 624-6655. Estimates are always free and we greatly appreciate the opportunity!  We Accept All Major Credit Cards   We obtain all permits ~ Fully Licensed & Insured

  • 0 5 Bathroom Renovations That Keep Seniors Safe

    Bathroom Renovation in NJ Makes Homes Safer for Seniors Given the option, most aging seniors would rather "age in place."  That is, remain in their existing home as they grow older, rather than moving to some sort of retirement or health community. This is excellent for their overall morale and mental health, but it can present challenges if their home wasn't designed around the needs of seniors. The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for older people - but it doesn't have to be. With a New Jersey bathroom remodeling, you can affordably add necessary safety measures.   Five Important NJ Bathroom Renovations That Keep Seniors Safe Safety rails If there's one all-important bathroom upgrade that should happen before any others, it's the addition of safety rails around the bathtub/shower and toilet.  Slipping injuries are extremely common in bathrooms among people of all ages, but particularly seniors.  Additionally, safety rails aid in mobility, such as sitting and standing up.    Anti-slip flooring Floors are another source of hazard for anyone using a bathroom, seniors included.  There are a couple of options here.  Some people opt for carpeting since it does the most to prevent slipping, although it does require some extra upkeep.  Changing the surface to something more 'grippy' is another option.  Many types of stonework, for example, are much less slippery when wet than typical bathroom tiles. Raised shower and toilet seats If standing or sitting are issues for the senior in your life, there are relatively affordable solutions for that.  Seats in the shower allow them to sit down when washing, further removing opportunities for slipping.  Toilets, on the other hand, can be modified with raised seats which don't require them to fully sit down.   Walk-in shower Will climbing over the edge of a bathtub be an issue?  Convert the bathtub/shower into a walk-in model.  Adding a small door to the side of the bathtub allows seniors to walk straight into the shower, without the need to climb over the side. Ground floor bathroom Finally, if the bathroom is on the second floor, moving it to the ground floor will be a major safety improvement.  This will significantly reduce the number of stairs a senior has to climb up and down per day!  Of course, it's also the most expensive bathroom renovation.   Magnolia Home Remodeling If you need a top-quality bathroom renovation in NJ, the experts at Magnolia Home Remodeling are waiting to hear from you!  » Click here for a free estimate.  Related: Home Remodeling Financing

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    Wooden Floors vs. Tile Floors Which Is Better for Your Remodeling Project in NJ? If you're looking into a home remodeling in NJ, one topic which will undoubtedly come up is the matter of flooring.  If you still have old vinyl or carpet in place, it's high time for a change!  New floors can improve the look and feel of your home, as well as simply giving you a better experience when you're walking around the house. Either wood flooring or tiling could be excellent options or even both in different places of your home.  Which option will be better for your remodeling project?  Here's a quick breakdown of their pros and cons.   Wood vs Tile in An NJ Home Remodeling Tile Tiles are generally less expensive than wood, although high-end options are available, and is extremely long-lasting.  While it depends on the materials being used, tile flooring is generally damage-resistant, and it should not require much in the way of maintenance beyond regular cleaning. Tile flooring is most commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms - where water resistance and ease of cleaning are important. However, tiles also tend to be cold to walk on, because they don't hold heat easily.  Without sub-floor heating, tiles can be uncomfortable, particularly in the morning.  Wood Wood flooring is loved for its appearance, giving any home a warm and natural look.  Wood can go in almost any room in the house, aside perhaps from bathrooms, and will look nice with almost any decor.  It's particularly popular for areas of the house where people will spend a lot of time, such as the living room or bedrooms. Plus, unlike tile, wood holds its heat well and is more comfortable to walk on when it's cold. However, wood is also significantly more expensive to purchase and install.  Additionally, it's higher maintenance than tile, and easier to damage.  A wood floor needs to be treated carefully, to preserve its amazing look.  Also, if you are looking at wood, you may want to pay attention to sourcing.  Many woods are still not sustainably farmed, so there is more ecological impact.   Magnolia Knows Home Remodeling In NJ We are a highly experienced New Jersey home improvement contractor, with years of experience and a long list of happy customers.   Whether you only want new flooring in one room, or you want a complete home renovation, contact us to make it happen!  

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    Looking for simple renovations that will give your home a face lift? Start with your bathroom! Do you have pink tile and a baby blue toilet? (You know who you are!)   Outdated bathrooms can stop potential buyers in their tracks. Even if you're not looking to sell, it would be nice to feel like you're living in the current decade. In addition to increasing the value of your home, your new bathroom can be updated to a very functional space to ensure a speedy morning and a relaxing evening. Even the ugliest powder room can be transformed into a stunning space with our Magnolia bathroom remodeling team and a little inspiration.   You spend more time in the bathroom than you think.  Unfortunately, when building a new home or undertaking a renovation, most homeowners resort to cookie cutter bathrooms. These bathrooms consist of ordinary designs that have no character of their own.And yes, custom bathrooms do require more time and work to design, and they will usually end up being more expensive than your traditional bathroom. We understand cost is quite often the biggest issue for homeowners when it comes to custom bathrooms, so don't worry If your budget is somewhat limited. Magnolia’s bathroom remodeling team will work together with you to come up with a custom design that will fit your budget. Things To Think About You can turn your small ordinary bathroom into a luxurious custom space. Despite what the magazines tell you, a custom bathroom does not have to be big. You can turn your small ordinary bathroom into a luxurious custom space. Your new custom bathroom also does not have to be expensive. It is true that custom bathroom designs will cost more than a generic one, but they do not have to be ridiculously expensive. There are plenty of custom bathrooms designs that can be achieved on a budget. When ever you can, insist on the best. Whether it is the flooring, the cabinets or the lighting, opt for the highest quality. They last longer and make your new custom bathroom look better. Before you think about the costs involved, determine what kind of bathroom you want. Do not hold back. Whether you want opulent and luxurious, clean and urban or warm and spacious, go for it. Once you decide what you want, it becomes easier to plan around it. Be bold! Transform your old bathroom into a stunning space! To schedule an estimate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group please click on the free estimate button or call (855) 624-6655. Estimates are always free and we greatly appreciate the opportunity!  We Accept All Major Credit Cards

  • 0 How an Autumn Roof Inspection Can Prepare Your Home for Winter in NJ

    During the winter, your home endures extremely harsh weather conditions, putting the structure of your roof at risk, which can lead to potentially expensive repairs. For this reason, roof inspections should be done once in preparation for the winter, and once during the aftermath of the cold weather. Our team of NJ roofing contractors in Bergen County and surrounding areas have shared a few ways that a pre-winter roof inspection can help prepare your roof for the winter. How NJ Roofing Contractors Prepare Your Roof for the Winter Prevent drainage problems A professional roofing contractor will inspect your gutters to ensure the moisture on your roof is able to drain properly. NJ roofing contractors know that Bergen County autumns come with plenty of leaves, which can clog your gutters and lead to water damage. Leaves and other debris must be removed before winter sets in, as there will be plenty of melting snow that will require proper drainage. Ensure shingles remain intact The shingles on your roof can become loose and fragile over time, meaning a single snowstorm could cause serious damage to your shingles if they are not inspected during the autumn. Homeowners are encouraged to have an NJ roofing contractor perform any shingle replacements necessary to keep your roof intact during the winter and prevent further damage. Identify problems inside your home Damage to your roof or to the soft materials sealing your vent systems can lead to openings in the structure, which may cause water damage, mold, and infestations inside of your attic. A reputable NJ roofing contractor will inspect not only the surface of your roof, but they will ensure your attic is in good condition so that the cold weather does not worsen problems inside of your home. Keep flashings in good condition The flashings on your roof are what seal various components to the surface, such as skylights and chimneys. Just as the material around ventilation systems can break down over time, leading to openings in your roof, damage to your flashings will have the same effect on your home. Bergen County and other NJ homeowners should hire a roofing contractor to inspect these areas in order to prevent water damage and other issues during the winter. Magnolia Home Remodeling Are you looking for a trusted roofing contractor to prepare your NJ home for the cold months? Contact Magnolia Home Remodeling today for services, financing information, and to request a free estimate on your roof!

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    The holidays are a fun, heart-warming time where friends and families gather and welcome each other into the homes of one another. It is important to make sure your home is prepared for having company over regularly and enjoying holiday festivities. Our NJ home improvement contractors at Magnolia Home Remodeling have put together a list of four ways that you can get your home ready for the holidays. 4 Home Remodeling Tips for the Holidays 1. Plan your space before decorating Decorating can take a major toll on a home if the space is not fit to accommodate the decor. When decorating with a lot of lights, it is important to plan around the electrical panels and fire hazards inside your home, ensuring that you have functioning smoke detectors. NJ homeowners may also need to do some home remodeling in order to fit a tree or other large decorations inside the living area. 2. Prepare to accommodate guests With all of the family gatherings and out of town visits that take place during the holidays, it is important to prepare to host guests at any time. Homeowners should ensure they have an ample amount of storage space for guests to tuck their things away and take off their winter gear, as well as a comfortable place to sleep. This may be as simple as a bit of rearranging, however, NJ homeowners looking to do some major home remodeling can consult with an NJ home improvement contractor to create the perfect basement, guest bedroom or storage area. 3. Consider a home addition A home addition is a major project, which will require a lot of construction and will come at a fairly large expense. However, if a home addition is something that you have been thinking about for a long time, the holidays are a great time to do it. Between parties, big family dinners, and overnight guests, there is no better time to consider remodeling your NJ home and creating some extra space. 4. Spruce up your bathrooms During the holiday season, your bathrooms will be used more frequently than ever. It is essential to make sure that your bathroom appliances are functioning and consider hiring an NJ home improvement contractor if your bathrooms are not in good condition for your guests. Magnolia Can Help! Are you considering remodeling your NJ home to prepare for the busy holiday season? Call our expert home improvement contractors at (855) 624-6655 today or visit our website to request a free estimate!