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    • 31-07-2019

    New Jersey weather can be quite unpredictable. Seasons change dramatically and your home's windows play a very important role in your life. The best windows provide natural lighting, increase air flow, and make your house look great from the inside out. Windows also play a big role in your home's efficiency. Modern windows offer better insulation, which makes it easier for your heating and cooling system to keep your home cozy. If you're looking for a home improvement that can provide numerous benefits, replacing old windows might be the answer. Take a look at the ways window replacement can improve your home. Then decide if this upgrade is right for you and your family: Save on your Energy Costs BIG TIME If, like most people in NJ, your energy bills are skyrocketing, replacing the windows in your home may be the solution. Up to thirty percent of the air your heating and cooling system creates is lost through windows and doors; that means 30 percent of the energy you pay for is wasted! IF YOUR WINDOWS ARE MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD, REPLACING THEM MAY PUT AN END TO YOUR SKYROCKETING HEATING AND COOLOING BILLS. Modern windows provide better insulation, helping keep cool air in during those New Jersey summer months and preventing heat loss during those cold New Jersey winters. If your home offers better temperature control, you won't have to run for the A/C or heater as often. The less you have to rely on your heating and cooling system, the less you'll pay in energy bills. A recent study by Energy Star revealed that by switching out your single-pane or even your newer double-paned, clear-glass windows to energy-efficient windows, you can save up to $465 a year. Make Your Home Extra Safe & Secure For Your Family Replacing your home's windows can provide another layer of safety and provide a little peace of mind. The right windows can keep your NJ home will better protect from unwanted intruders. New film technology helps prevent injury should a window break. Modern glass panes are designed to deliberately splinter into small, little tiny pieces, instead of shattering into large shards. This is especially important if you have very small children that often zoom around without looking where they are going first!  Improve your Curb Appeal of Your New Jersey Home Replacing your windows is usually a big investment, however, it's one that pays off in terms of curb appeal. Your windows are always visible. Selecting the right style, material, and color can help improve the look of your home—both inside and out. Your home looks great, and works more efficiently for your family. Improving your curb appeal will also lead to increased property value. A report from The National Association of Home Builders say energy efficient windows are one of the top 10 features builders are most likely to include in new homes.  Improves Your Family’s Happiness and Overall Well Being After all, your home should be your safe haven, and where important memories are created. You would like to make sure every minute spent inside your home is comfortable. New windows provide more natural lighting, and can help with noise reduction—especially important if you live on a busy street! New replacement windows offer better UV protection. This helps keep your kids safe from UV rays and protects your furnishings from fading. New windows also mean less maintenance; older, more traditional frames require extensive cleaning, repainting, and refinishing. With new, durable window frames you can spend more time enjoying the comforts of your home, and less time working on it. From improved comfort to significant energy savings, there's much to gain from replacing your New Jersey homes windows. Consider the ways these benefits can impact your family's happiness and comfort, and get started on your project today. To schedule an estimate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group please click on the free estimate button or call 855-624-6655. Estimates are always free and we greatly appreciate the opportunity!  We Accept All Major Credit Cards  

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    • 15-07-2019

     ABSOLUTELY! The GOOD NEWS is that when you replace your windows during the cold months you will surly notice an immediate difference in room comfort. The GREAT NEWS is that the winter weather will not prevent you from having new replacement windows installed in your home. Also, Magnolia Home Remodeling crews will take extra precautions to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable during the entire process of the replacement window install. Can I save money by replacing windows during the cold winter months?  YOU BET! MAGNOLIA HOME REMODELING OFFERS EXTRA SAVINGS INSTALLING REPLACEMENT WINDOWS IN THE WINTER FOR ‘OFF SEASON’ DEALS!  A big misconception for New Jersey homeowners is that replacing your homes windows is generally better to do during the warmer months.  During winter, brisk and chilly temperatures make it easy to find the defects in faulty or old windows. The drafts coming from seals, cracks, and poorly insulated windows seem to be magnified the most during cold weather. Deciding to replace the windows in your NJ home is a decision that should be made based solely on their condition. Temporary DIY solutions such as weather stripping or putty only prolong your window issues, it does not solve them. Just keep in mind that there are benefits choosing to replace your NJ homes windows during any month regardless of the temperature outside.  How Long Will My Window Installation Take? Replacing your windows during the winter is a quick and easy task. Most NJ homeowners are unaware that a professionally certified contractor will typically complete a window installation within one working day. Many New Jersey homeowners have the misconception that installing windows or patio doors in the winter is a bad thing. They hold off because they are afraid too much cold air will get in the house or they will get a poor installation. It’s just not true. It doesn’t really matter when the window or door is installed. In winter, the installation might take a tiny little bit longer because our installers are taking care not to leave openings exposed for too long. In reality, the opening will only be exposed to the weather from 20 minutes to an hour. How do I know if my Windows Need to be Replaced? If you can feel air coming in, or a draft, it’s definitely time to replace your windows. If you have a double pane glass and in the morning there is condensation between the two panes of glass, you have a seal failure, which means that the windows are not working as efficiently as they should. If there is condensation on the interior pane and not between the glass, you have a moisture issue that needs to be addressed. The moisture level of your house should be between 30 and 32 percent humidity. Otherwise you risk hitting the dew point, which results in condensation forming, much like condensation forms on a mirror in a steamy bathroom. Tip: If you have blinds, don’t close them all the way. Leave them open about two inches from the bottom to allow warm air to wash over the glass, which will help condensation from occurring.   Top 4 Reasons New Jersey Homeowners Should Replace Their Windows During The Winter Months 1.) Worry about losing significant heat during the process: NJ homeowners fear that there will be significant heat loss from windows left open during a winter replacement window installation. In actuality, this will not be an issue as our installation crews will typically focus on changing one window at a time. Doing so ensures maximum comfort and gives each window more attention. Many homeowners also fear that sealants and insulating foam will not settle properly in the cold. In reality, it is possible to install windows successfully in temperatures that are as low as -20’C. In fact, sealant materials used in colder months tend to be more weather resistant and durable than those used in warmer months. 2.) Easier to uncover problems with your windows: If you just bought a new home, it is better to wait one winter before replacing your windows unless, of course, they are falling apart.  That is because the extreme temperatures and weather winter brings is the best environment to reveal any weaknesses your existing windows have. Material contracts when exposed to cold weather and any leaks or drafts will become way more apparent during the colder, draftier weather.  3.) More installation dates available: Many people put off winter projects merely because they think they do not have enough time for it. Conversely, there are likely more dates available to choose from during the winter. Summer is the busiest time for window installations so, if you wait until then, you will not have as many dates to choose from. Plan window installation as early as possible will ensure you can accommodate other commitments and projects. 4.) Get a better deal! As it is for most window installers, our busiest season is during warm months. So, for this reason we offer some spectacular replacement window deals and best special offers during the winter months as an incentive for our New Jersey homeowners. You can benefit more from ‘window’ shopping around during the slow season when window installers are more likely to lower prices to get your business. To schedule a free estimate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group please click on the free estimate button  or call 855-624-6655. Estimates are always free and we greatly appreciate the opportunity!  We Accept All Major Credit Cards

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    Proactive planning will allow you to build that perfect bathroom for the family home. But what are the latest styles and how can you ensure the right fit for your home? To help you through this process, let’s delve into some remodeling tips to help improve the bathroom in your NJ home. Five Bathroom Remodeling Tips Harness free-standing tubs Free-standing tubs can help your bathroom become a standout area of the home. They also give you more room around the tub for storage and for additional decorative pieces. Surround showers with sliding glass doors Making effective use of light can help enhance your bathroom design work. During your remodel, consider adding sliding glass doors to your bathroom. The doors will allow light into the area and give you the opportunity to bask in the sun while you wind down after work. Add neutral tones for classic appeal Some homeowners make the mistake of using high-contrast colors during bathroom design work. Bright tones can fall out of style quickly. To achieve full value in the bathroom remodeling process for your NJ home, consider neutral tones. This way, you’ll be able to build upon the neutral design in the future, while retaining the classic appeal of the room. Carefully consider fixtures The fixtures in the bathroom will be used and noticed by all guests. Taps and sinks are a key consideration. Ensure they become a signature element of your remodel. For that standout look classical look, consider copper sinks that catch they eye yet blend with your neutral décor. Speak with remodeling experts early You don’t always have a clear idea about how to use your bathroom space. Make sure that remodeling experts are brought in at the earliest possible time in the decision-making process. Professionals can help you choose colors. They can help you organize your thoughts. They can give you a clear strategy for getting maximum out of your remodeling budget. Our Magnolia Team Can Help A bathroom remodel can transform your NJ home. Choosing the right remodeling company is the most important step you’ll take in the process. We have the experience to help you complete a stylish bathroom remodel in your NJ home. Don’t wait to begin the planning process, contact Magnolia Home Remodeling to get a free estimate.    

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    Maintaining a home is tough enough, especially with two children to raise. There are a lot of everyday tasks to take care of before one can even begin to think about remodeling and home maintenance. That’s why, when tragedy struck for one family, Magnolia Home Remodeling and George Oliphant were there to do everything they could and lend a helping hand to the Munt household. Here’s a breakdown of how this New Jersey housing contractor teamed up with Oliphant on the latest episode of George to the Rescue to help this family in need! Tragedy Strikes the Munt Family For 20 years, Danielle and Alex Munt lived a happy, heartfelt life, after meeting at work and deciding to start a family. Alex, a loving father, was also a hard worker that occasionally stepped in to lend a helping hand around the house. Then something completely unexpected happened: on Thanksgiving 2017, Alex had a sudden heart attack and passed away on the front lawn. The father and husband of two was an avid fisherman who was active and in great shape, making the incident even more unexpected. The Community Rallies in Support Although the Union, NJ, community rallied in support of the Munt family after the accident, the past few years were certainly tough, especially where the household was concerned. The family had been experiencing plumbing issues in all of their bathrooms, primarily on the main floor next to Alex’s old home office. Danielle, who’s a huge fan and regularly watches George to the Rescue, was overheard saying how she “needs George to fix their spaces.” Well, that friend wrote in on her behalf and George soon came to the rescue with Magnolia Home Remodeling on board as the lead contractor. George Oliphant & Magnolia Comes to the Rescue! After learning of Danielle’s predicament, Georgia and Magnolia Home Remodeling teamed up, along with local designer Karen Wolf, Eii Electric and Lanzo Plumbing to give the Munt household a total makeover. First, they gutted and renovated the main bathroom, installing a beautiful faux-wood backsplash for the sink and standing shower enclosure. The team also redesigned daughter Victoria’s upstairs bedroom and turned Alex’s old office into a new bedroom for son Harrison. But the highlight is definitely the mom cave, which is a place for Danielle to relax in style on the second floor. Like what you see? Contact Magnolia Home Remodeling As head of construction on this project, Magnolia Home Remodeling took the reigns and helped George and the rest of the team make a one-of-a-kind household for the Munt family. If you have a similar project in mind, contact them today or visit their website for more info.    

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      When you’re considering additions to your NJ home, understanding which home remodeling projects add the most value is important before moving forward with a decision. Learning from local construction experts can help you stretch the value of your remodeling investment. In this new post, Magnolia Home Remodeling team will help explain which home remodeling projects offer the best return on investment. Kitchen renovations The data shows that even a small kitchen renovation can add thousands of dollars to the value of a home. The kitchen is a meeting place for family members and friends and enhancing your kitchen so that it can become the social space in the home can add significant long-term value to the property. Consider renovations such as open concept kitchens to ensure a functional and spacious space. Bathroom remodeling The latest technology and options for bathrooms can enhance your lifestyle and boost the value of your home. For example, you might consider adding a waterfall shower or a larger tub to the bathroom for that additional level of luxury. Many home buyers look to the bathroom space to find a room in which they can relax after a long day at work, making the most of new additions in this area can appeal to your target marketplace. Exterior upgrades Curb appeal still resonates strongly with buyers across New Jersey, so consider remodeling the exterior of your home to add that initial wow factor to your home. Small changes can make a difference to the value of your home. For example, many homeowners are now simply upgrading their home front door and garage door to a brighter color to add immediate aesthetic appeal. Replacement of windows While it’s not immediately noticeable, replacing the windows will help enhance the return on investment for your target buyers. Newer high-efficiency window systems can help property owners save hundreds of dollars on potential energy costs. Speak to Our Team Today Our trusted and experienced team at Magnolia Home Remodeling offers a full range of remodeling services throughout New Jersey. To learn more about our company, our financing options, and our services, call us now!  

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    If you're thinking about hiring New Jersey home contractors to renovate your home, it's an exciting time!  After many years of relatively stagnant looks, home trends have started to be shaken up in a big way.  You've got a lot of choices in how you beautify your home, options that will make it nicer to live in and increase its sellability if you ever decide to move. Here are just a few of the trends in kitchen, bathroom, and room design that are catching our eye, and making us excited to provide home improvement in New Jersey! Three Exciting Trends in NJ Home Improvement Color is returning to kitchens How long has it been since you've seen a kitchen which isn't all-white, all-black, andor covered in stainless steel appliances?  Well, color is finally on-trend again!  People have clearly gotten sick of monochromatic kitchens, and we're seeing colorful looks like nothing that's really been popular since the Midcentury movement.  If you can't stomach the idea of primaries and pastels in your kitchen, a dark look can still be cool - but look for matte finishes, rather than shiny or mirror finishes.  Either way, get ready to change your fixtures too, because... Silver plumbing is out, bronze is in Another major shakeup hitting both kitchens and bathrooms is a move away from stainless steel, nickel, or other silvery water fixtures.  Instead, alternative metallic colors and materials such as bronze or copper or gold are becoming popular.  They stand out against either dark or light rooms and can match with almost anything. Prefer a more traditional look?  As with kitchens, think "dark" and "matte," such as gunmetal or pewter fixtures.   Think about knocking down some walls Open floor plans are all the rage, particularly in smaller homes and condos without a lot of square feet.  Removing walls adds more usable space, while also allowing easier movement around the room(s).  Instead of walls, try using paint, tiles, carpets, rugs, or furniture to delineate different parts of your living area! Basically: if you can't get everyone in the same room, just make the room bigger! For Top-Quality Home Renovation In New Jersey, Call Magnolia! For over 25 years, the Magnolia Home Remodeling Group has been turning old houses into dream houses.  If you have a vision, we can make it real - or we can design amazing new looks.  Contact us to learn more!  

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    Working with a qualified NJ home improvement contractor can help you to save thousands of dollars and prevent many years of maintenance. Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling has many years of experience in the home improvement industry, and within this new post, we’re highlighting the qualities of a trusted NJ home improvement contractor. Experience Experience is essential to the home improvement process. It’s important to make sure the company you select has dedicated experience within relevant projects and works to meet your requirements with the utmost precision during their work. Having this level of experience can help to ensure, for example, that they know what to do if a problem occurs and can resolve issues adeptly while saving you money. Free quotes Your NJ home improvement contractor should also be able to offer you free quotes for the work ahead. Having a free quote will ensure you know exactly how much you can expect to spend when you work with the firm. The free quote will allow you to make effective budgeting decisions and limit the potential for costly add-ons later in the project. Financing services The leading companies will also be able to offer you finances services for your home improvement project. They know that the challenge for many homeowners is paying for the total cost of their renovation and therefore companies now offer finances services to remove the cost burden and spread the expenditure out over a period of months. Presents custom options The contractor you use for your home improvement project in NJ should also be able to offer custom services that help make the home uniquely yours. Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling is a specialist in this area of the marketplace, and we can present a range of custom features that will bring together the design elements of your home. To discover more about the qualities of a leading NJ home improvement contractor, call our experienced team today!

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    Home remodeling can help to increase the value in your home and to maximize the comfort of your loved ones in the property. Before taking on the process, it’s important that you learn from the experts about the best way to ensure remodeling success. In this post, our NJ home remodeling team presents their tips for the home remodeling process. Make a precise budget One of the most common mistakes homeowners make within the renovation process is being a little too flexible in their budget. This can lead to spending more money on areas that are not vitally important to the project. Make sure you plan your budget precisely and allocate funds to the most important elements within the renovation work. Consider maintenance An area that many homeowners fail to consider when renovating their homes is maintenance. Your home maintenance work should be a leading consideration and should be reviewed before you add new elements to the property. Make sure you consider, for example, the time it will take to maintain that new granite countertop before you take on the renovation process. Ask for guidance from your contractor If you don’t have a clear idea about the type of features that might suit your home, ask your NJ home remodeling contractor for their input. Your contractor should have years of experience in the industry and will have undertaken many projects within these years. They should be able to tell you which materials will be suit your home, and how to proceed with integrating specific items in your property. Find out about the time Many homeowners become frustrated when a renovation project takes longer than they had anticipated. It’s important that you have a clear understanding of the timeline for your project at the beginning phase. As this can help you to rest assured that all elements are proceeding as expected. Your contractor will explain any delays to you to help ease your concerns. Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling has many years’ experience in the NJ home remodeling industry and can complete affordable custom home improvement work according to your budget and style needs. To learn more, call us today.  

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    With the cooler weather arriving, it’s time to look forward and consider a spring addition to your home. Taking the time to plan the process now can ensure you’re ready to move forward when spring arrives. In this new post, we’ll present our guide to planning your spring addition with a NJ home improvement contractor. Identify improvement options Whether it’s adding a second bathroom to your home or upgrading the kitchen, make sure you identify the improvement options for your home early in this process. Consider the needs and opinions of all family members to ensure that the addition suits the entire family. Review the various materials available and their maintenance requirements to help you save money on maintenance in the coming years. Build your budget Now that you have a little more of an idea about the types of improvements you wish to make within your home, you can begin to build a budget that suits your home improvement needs and your finances. Consider not just the cost of the improvement directly but also the time that you may have to take from work to speak with contractors. Book a consultation in the coming weeks The next step in the process of planning your spring addition is to book your consultation with an NJ home improvement contractor in the coming weeks. Your contractor can help you to make the right decisions and decide which elements can be integrated most effectively within your home. During the consultation, ask the home improvement contractor more about their experience and the most effective use of your improvement resources. Book the start date With the Spring soon arriving, you can now begin to book the start date with your chosen NJ home improvement contractor. Make sure the start date suits your vacation plans and review whether your family can stay in the home while the work is being completed. You may have to book alternative living arrangements during the improvement work. Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling can help to transform your home with leading class property additions. To learn more about our company and our services, please call today.

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    Energy efficient siding is now one of the most common additions to homes across NJ. But many are still to explore the benefits this addition can bring to their property. In this new post, we’ll highlight the benefits offered by energy efficient siding in NJ. Energy efficiency Of course, the first and most important benefit gained from energy efficient siding for your NJ home is energy efficiency. Energy efficient siding can help to save you thousands of dollars in energy costs over your years in the home and ensure that you achieve full energy efficiency in operating boilers, air conditioning units, and other forms of temperature control equipment. Improves the home environment Energy efficient siding can also help to improve the NJ home environment by preventing the growth of mold within the home space. The product is designed to shed water quickly, ensuring that water retention doesn’t occur within the home. Another benefit of insulated siding is that many of the latest products now include ingredients that deter termite infestations. It’s a great way to secure your home and the home structure for the years to come. Noise reduction For those that live in loud environments, with highways close by, then installing insulated siding can be a great way to reduce the noise in the home. The latest studies show that insulated siding can decrease noise levels from the outside by as much as 45%. Turn to Magnolia Home Remodeling for Insulated Siding Our experienced team at Magnolia Home Remodeling now offers a complete range of energy efficient siding for the NJ home. We can help you to reduce your costs and to improve the return on investment achieved on your siding product by selecting the precise material that is ideal for your home space. It takes only a few moments to book a consultation with one of our specialists! To discover more about the value that insulated siding can bring to your home, call our experienced team today.