Silverline Windows by Anderson

For your New Jersey Home

9520 Series Silverline Windows by Anderson


9520 Series 

Premium Windows

This premium replacement double-hung window offers residents who live near the coast peace of mind with a sturdy, attractive window. Replaces old, drafty windows in areas near the coast that may experience strong storms.

1.) Stylish curved design adds curb appeal
2.) Tilt-in top and bottom sash 

9500 Series Silverline Windows by Anderson


9500 Series

Premium Windows

Our top-of-the-line double-hung window, the 9500 Series, offers the ultimate balance of energy savings, beauty and performance.

1.) Stylish curved design adds curb appeal
2.) Tilt-in top and bottom sash
3.) Unique indicator lock for added safety or brass toned lock for a touch of class
4.) Oak laminate option available for added style 

8600 Series Silverline Windows by Anderson


8600 Series

Preferred Windows

The 8600 Series double-hung window is crafted with an attention to detail that brings elegance to your energy savings.
Upgraded colonial design adds classic style
Tilt-in top and bottom sash.

1.) Optional indicator lock offers added safety
2.) Coordinates with 8700 Series sliding windows  

1200 Series Silverline Windows by Anderson


1200 Series

Standard Windows

The 1200 Series double-hung window provides simple aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency in a modestly-priced window.

1.) Budget conscious design
2.) Tilt-in top and bottom sash 

Easy clesn tilting sash!

You already know the Andersen Windows name because it’s been the nation’s leader in windows since 1903. That impressive track record has been accomplished by providing exceptional products and an outstanding customer experience for more than a century.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing!

Through their three unique brands—Marvin, Integrity, and Infinity— each brand’s unique offerings of customization and performance, can provide a solution to any project. For everything from new construction to remodeling and replacements, to commercial building and even historical restorations.

Windows Installations by Magnolia Home Remodeling
Silverline Windows
Makes your house a home

Not every home requires the same solution. Not every homeowner has the same taste. Silver Line® windows and patio doors have just what you need to help make your house your home.  Seeking Traditional styling, or a contemporary look? With lots of options Silver Line® can meet your needs and your budget.

Maximum beauty, strength & energy savings

Over 65 years of innovation has resulted in a collection of windows that are designed and engineered to provide beauty, performance, ease of operation and increased energy efficiency.  Alside Windows are custom-made to fit your current window openings precisely. 

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