Jun 14, 2022 : How to Add Square Footage to Your Home Without an Addition

With high home prices and interest rates constantly rising, homeowners are looking for different ways of adding square footage to their homes without moving or completing big home additions to add livable space. Cue a home renovation!

At first, you may think that your budget won’t allow for adding square footage or executing a home renovation, but we have some ideas that will help you gain space at a fraction of the cost of moving or adding onto your home. 

Enclose a Patio

If you have a patio area that you don’t seem to use, enclosing it can give you immediate access to added year-round usable space. You can make this space a bedroom, a larger dining room, a sunroom, or whatever you can imagine. 

Enclosing your patio is a much more cost-effective way to “add on” to your home without much construction hassle in other parts of your home during the building process. A definite win-win!

Finish Your Basement or Attic

Finishing your basement or attic space is one of the most popular ways to gain square footage in your home without adding to the structure and taking away yard space. Although you may be using some of the basement and attic space right now for storage, utilizing these areas for actual everyday living can make your home feel twice as big (and sometimes that’s the case, depending on your floor plan!). 

Maybe you want to finish the attic space to create a better storage solution. This can help you declutter other areas of your home, making it feel larger and more organized. 

Either way, finishing your basement or attic should be one of the solutions you consider when you think of adding square footage to your home. Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is happy to be your partner in the basement or attic renovation process.

View our basement & attic before & after gallery to get inspiration!

Renovate Your Garage

If your garage has become a dumping ground for “everything,” renovating your garage into a more usable space can be a great asset to your family. It doesn’t matter if it’s an attached garage or a detached garage. Your garage and home renovation can give you space for better storage, a home office, a guest bedroom, a hobby area, a home gym, or whatever your family needs right now. Magnolia Home Remodeling Group has executed some incredibly useful garage renovations for a fraction of what a home addition might cost. Some affordable ideas for renovating your garage space include:

  • Adding a loft for storage or living space
  • Resurface your garage floor
  • Adding drywall to finish off the space if you only have framing studs
  • Painting the walls
  • Insulating your garage and even garage door to avoid extreme temperature swings
  • Adding windows to your garage to bring in more light
  • Installing additional lights to brighten up the space

Reenvision Your Storage Spaces

Reenvisioning your storage space and getting the optimal use out of each area is key to gaining additional square footage in your home. There are many ways to do this. Some key guidelines that have helped many of our customers are:

  • Purchasing dual-purpose furniture. Make sure your coffee table, bedside stands, or beds offer storage and look pretty
  • Switching out the clothes in your master suite closet depending on the season. You can store other off-season clothing in your basement, attic space, or other closet areas that aren’t accessed as often
  • Trying to store things in areas you wouldn’t have originally thought about – under your bed, up high, etc.
  • Sorting through your belongings on a regular basis and purging what you won’t really use. It’s such a waste to use up precious storage space for something you only use once every ten years

Revisit Other Underutilized Spaces in Your Home

If you’re not ready to hand over a few hundred or thousand dollars to complete a home renovation, New Jersey homeowners may find that revisiting each part of the home and looking at what spaces are underutilized is a great place to start. 

Maybe you don’t ever use your formal dining room or living room except for Thanksgiving dinner. Turn that into your new home office or a playroom for the kids. Is there a large storage closet you have just stuffed with junk and don’t even open anymore? Go through it, purge what you don’t use, and open a lot of space for other storage. 

This is a good idea for all of us to do in our homes. We would all most likely be surprised by how much room we could reclaim if we truly looked for those underutilized spaces in our homes.

How Can I Finance My Home Renovation Project?

If you are ready to add more living space, an extra bedroom, a larger family room, or another room addition, Magnolia Home Remodeling Group can help. Our financing options, which are available through several different lenders that we work with often, offer affordable options. Reach out to our team to discuss the different options that we have. 

Magnolia Home Remodeling Can Help You Reimagine Your Home

Remember, your home should be more than a place for you to store your “stuff.” It’s a place for you to relax, unwind and live each day to the fullest with your family all around you. Magnolia Home Remodeling Group wants just that and works hard to bring families their dream homes every day. 

Magnolia Home Remodeling Group can help you reimagine your home through a home renovation project, no matter the size. Give us a call to learn more about the services we offer throughout New Jersey, how we can facilitate financing your renovation project, and more. 

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