Oct 27, 2018 : Basement Remodeling Ideas that Will Add Useable Space & Square Footage to Your Home

Do you remember when you first moved into your home? You probably thought that there would be ample room for all of your stuff, but over the years you have noticed the walls slowly, but surely, close in on you. As life takes its course, families grow and so do their total material possessions. Fortunately, there is a space that can be remodelled to open up approximately a third of a home’s overall space: the basement.


Basement Remodeling Ideas

You have many different options when it comes to basement renovation, but if you can imagine it, Magnolia Home Remodeling’s talented team is composed of designers, installers, and licensed electricians/plumbers will turn it into a reality. Consider the following examples of renovated basements that were featured on Houzz, when looking for remodeling ideas.

The Family Basement

One way to make space for your family is by creating a basement that has anything your kids need to occupy themselves (television, air hockey table, kitchen). Moreover, putting a television in the basement means all of your children’s consoles, games, DVDs, and other related possessions will be moved down as well. While the kids are keeping entertained in the basement you will have more space to move around upstairs.

The Tiki Bar Basement

If you are looking for a fun-themed basement and aren’t concerned about space limitations, why not do something crazy? Many homeowners often want to create a personal bar in their basements, but how many can brag about having a tiki bar in their basement? Although remodeling your basement to feature a bar may not open up useable space for your family, it will definitely add value to your home.

The best basement remodeling plan is to discuss your options with a professional home remodeling contractor. NJ’s Magnolia Home Remodeling will not only help you figure out what your ideal basement will look like, but also determine the best way to keep unsightly features, such as your water heater, hidden and out of the way. To find out more about Magnolia Home Remodeling and their full line of renovation services from basements to kitchens, windows, siding, roofing, bathrooms, decks, railings, porch renovation, paving, masonry, and general home improvement visit http://www.magnoliahomeremodeling.com/ today.

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