Aug 22, 2018 : Remodel Your NJ Bathroom to Rejuvenate Your Spirit & Home

Picture yourself bathing under the trees of a tropical rainforest, or on the sandy shore of a sun-kissed beach. If the very idea refreshes you, think of how a little bathroom remodeling can turn that space into a place of escape, where a shower can do more than just clean your mind and a relaxing soak can make you feel like a new person.


Bathrooms are often ignored because we tend to forget how important they are while focusing on the larger rooms, but a little remodeling can turn them into the most relaxing corners of your NJ home. Here are a few suggestions to nudge you in the right direction:

  • Focus on lighting 

    We often tend to ignore the importance of lighting while focusing on tiles and accessories, when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Lighting is your ally though and, when used well, has the power to refresh your spirit by helping set the mood whenever you step into your bathroom. Use it wisely and well.

  • Pick the right accessories



Not everything that looks great works well, so keep in mind that function should be as important as form during bathroom remodeling. Choosing the right kind of tub, for instance, can instantly change not just the look of your bathroom but how relaxed you feel when you soak yourself for a few minutes. A tub that blends with the overall look can work wonders for your mind.

  • Be smart with colors 

    Ask yourself what you’re looking for in a relaxing NJ bathroom: Relaxing hues and shades, or bright tones that perk you up. The palate you choose can impact the room in all kinds of subtle ways, so do a bit of mixing and matching before setting on something.

  • Don’t ignore the shower 

    Once upon a time, we didn’t have many choices as far as showers went. Today, you can get one with multiple showerheads or spray options in NJ. You can also add glass doors and use natural lighting to turn your bathroom into something the best five-star hotels would love to offer their guests.

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