Feb 10, 2022 : Roofing Contractors Guide to GAF Roofing Shingles For 2022 & Beyond

There’s a reason why our roofing contractors prefer to work with GAF roofing shingles – the benefits always outweigh the risks, which leads to satisfied customers! Read on to learn more about this top-of-the-line product for roofing contractors

As professional roofers, when you offer a leading brand in the industry, your customers will never forget the quality work that you delivered and the outstanding product that never caused one bit of trouble. With a minimum of a 20-year warranty, GAF roofing shingles are no hassle and quality is guaranteed. When you save homeowners from having to deal with roof leaks and lengthy maintenance measures, they will remember your roofing company and refer you to others. 

Why GAF Roofing Is the Gold Standard in the Roofing Industry

GAF has been around since the 1800s, developing its first asphalt shingle in 1912. They have had over a century in the industry, testing and continually developing industry-leading products. They have been rated #1 in shingle quality by homeowners several times over the last decade. GAF offers consistent quality that NJ roofing contractors and homeowners both can rely on. 

When choosing high-quality products like GAF, you don’t have to worry about customer complaints. With poor roofing products, it doesn’t matter how good the installation is,  homeowners will still run into leaks and damage, and the roofing contractor will be to blame. 

That’s why it’s important for our team to use GAF for residential roofing materials. Our services include roof installation that will ensure the 20-year warranty is valid. When you get GAF shingles installed by an inexperienced roofing contractor, the warranty will no longer cover the shingles. 

GAF offers top-notch customer service for NJ roofing contractors and homeowners. Contact GAF to confirm certified contractors properly installed your product if you have a warranty concern. While complaints and issues are extremely rare, the company is ready to make them right. 

Another thing that GAF provides is accessibility to all homeowners. They offer quality products at all price points. If the best-selling Timberline is out of your budget, know that their affordable 3-tab shingles will perform with the quality that the people have come to expect from GAF. 

Notable GAF Roofing Shingles in 2022

GAF can offer different types of shingles based on your roof type. Whether you are looking for a roof replacement from storm damage or would like a roof installation on a new build, you can find the GAF product that is right for you. 

Look to your trusted roofing contractor to learn more about the options: 

Best Seller: TimberLine HDZ

This popular product uses new technology to prevent staining from moisture on your roof. Timberline offers algae protection and StainGuard Plus to keep your shingles looking brand new like the day they were installed. With a variety of colors to choose from, like greens, blues, reds, grays, and browns, you can mix and match colors to go for a dynamic look or choose a traditional earthy color. 

In addition, Timberline HDZ offers LayerLock Technology which prevents any moisture from penetrating your roof and causing leaks. These GAF shingles also come with a WindProven Limited Warranty, reaffirming that GAF stands behind their product and how it performs against high winds. 

TimberLine is the best seller because of the diversity that it offers. TimberLine will protect against moisture, wind, heavy rain, hail, and more, no matter which climate you live in. GAF has thought of it all, and it shows in their time-tested products. 

Residential Roll Roofing

Along with top-performing shingles, GAF offers roll roofing products for residential roofs. This protective layer rolls out under the shingles to add moisture-proof protection. Roofing contractors in New Jersey can choose mineral guard for small projects or temporary roof coverage, or they can use the Liberty Self-adhering Base. The ply sheet sticks to the roof without having to use torches or flames and provides long-lasting protection for low-sloped roofs.

Solar Roofing

The new Timberline Solar GAF shingles provide solar power to the home, without needing to use new techniques for roof installation. All you need as a NJ roof contractor is a staple gun and your existing expertise to install these solar shingles. You can give your customers the best of both worlds by providing high-quality roofing shingles with the bonus of access to solar power. 

When you are a GAF-certified roofer, like Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, you are able to access and offer these materials to your customers who are looking for more sustainable options. Solar panels are not the only way to be environmentally responsible.

You may not think about curb appeal when it comes to solar energy, but the truth is that a home with solar panels can stick out like a sore thumb. When you go with GAF’s innovative solar shingles, the more subtle look will add sophistication to the home. It is a look that many homeowners prefer when it comes to solar energy. 

Why GAF?

GAF is a family-owned and operated company and they are innovative and continually developing new technology to meet the needs of their customer base. Roofing companies in New Jersey choose GAF because they know it will deliver the most satisfied customers. 

Along with quality, GAF adds a new level to curb appeal. Have you ever been in awe over a roof? With GAF, you will find the beauty in the shingles and the color and design options you can choose from to add the wow factor to your home’s exterior. 

Read on to learn about the benefits that GAF has to offer all roofing services: 


GAF shingles are one of the most popular roofing products for a reason. They are easy to install and hassle-free. GAF offers an attention to detail that other manufacturers lack. You must be GAF-certified to install GAF products that maintain the high quality of not only the materials but the jobs in which they are used.  

You may finish a new roof installation with other products and get calls from the homeowners complaining about flapping shingles or a leak. With GAF shingles, that isn’t a worry. The shingles remain on the roof and do their job for 20+ years. As a result, you will not have to deal with complaints or subsequent maintenance calls to the homeowner’s property. 

When your roof is inspected when it’s time to resell, a roof inspector will look for granule loss on the shingles. Unfortunately, all shingles lose granules over time. GAF is specially designed and installed to stay tight and minimize the loss of granules, keeping it high-quality and inspection-proof for years to come. 

Industry Leading Warranty

Not only are the products long-lasting, but they also are backed by a 20-year warranty if something were to go wrong. 90% of the time, there isn’t one problem with GAF shingle installations, but when there is a problem due to a big storm or staining, you can call on the industry-leading warranty to take care of the issue. 

The warranty can be transferred between homeowners as well, one time. When the new homeowner gets access to the warranty, they need to write to GAF within 60 days to transfer warranty ownership. You will not find other warranties that offer the transfer of ownership. GAF does it because they stand behind their product. 

Only the Best Roofers Can Install GAF

One thing that is crucial to GAF’s warranty program is correct installation. Not just any NJ roof contractor can install GAF shingles. You must be GAF-certified to install their products. If you work in residential and commercial roofs, work to certify with GAF products today so homeowners know they can trust you to install high-quality GAF shingles correctly and efficiently.

Besides expertise, a GAF roof installer should represent their products in all aspects. You should have the proper licenses to be an NJ roof contractor. You should conduct excellent customer service, maintaining professional, ongoing relationships with the homeowners you work with. You never know who will have a neighbor who asks about their newly-installed roof. 

Also, be prepared by staying full-insured in the case of accidents. And practice safety measures at all costs. You will make the homeowners feel at ease when you are slow and careful up on their rooftops. Finally, do not be frivolous with any of the safety procedures that your company has in place. 

New Jersey Roofing Contractor at Your Service

You don’t have to search high and low for a certified GAF NJ roofing contractor. Instead, contact Magnolia Home Remodeling Group to get your roof installed today. We use top-quality products and have years of experience working with GAF. We know the warranty rules and install the product to fit within the parameters. 

At Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, we can help you with more than your roofing needs. Use our services for any home improvement project you have. Once you find our services to be premium and affordable, you can keep us on speed dial for all of your renovation needs, whether it be a kitchen renovation, basement remodel, or 2nd story add-on. Contact us today to schedule your home improvement projects with our team. 

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