Sep 16, 2020 : Home Remodeling Projects Depend Heavily on Roofing Renovations

Any remodeling contractor will tell you that one of the best things you can do to improve your property’s resale value is to replace your roof. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes – a brand new roof they won’t have to worry about for decades to come puts them at ease.

Like any other renovation, a roof is an investment in your property. Any of the best roofing contractors in NJ can tell you a little bit can go a long way. Metal roofs might add to a property’s value, but they might also inflate it beyond what the market will bear.

To improve the value of your property at any time, it’s probably best to think about asphalt shingles, and there are many benefits to remodeling your roof.

Increased resale value

According to HomeAdvisor, a new roof can increase a home’s value by nearly $12,000. That’s excellent value for the investment.

Longer Warranties

Standard warranties for shingles used to last between 15 and 20 years. Some of today’s premium-quality asphalt shingles can carry a warranty as long as 50 years. That’s an investment your buyers will be very happy to hear about.

Avoid Inspection Issues

Because the roof is one of the most visible features of a property, appraisers and inspectors will be sure to check it for faults, and a roof in bad condition can keep your house from being sold.

Appearance Upgrade at Low Cost

With amazing new texture and color options becoming available all the time, you’d be surprised at what architectural shingles can do. Some of them can even duplicate the appearance of a rustic slate roof. When you go shopping, you’ll be impressed.

Green up Your Property

Some new types of asphalt roof shingles come with an ENERGY STAR® rating because they are designed to reduce cooling costs by reflecting solar heat.

Renovate your Roof with Magnolia Home Remodeling and Improvement. 

With over 25 years in the business as a family-owned and operated roofing business in NJ, you can trust Magnolia Home Remodeling to commit to working with you to make your property as good as it can get.  Call us today at (855) 624-6655 or request a free estimate to get started!

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