Mar 20, 2022 : Things to Know Before Building a Kitchen in Your Basement in New Jersey

What is on your list of high-priority home improvement projects this year? There are limitless options for your basement remodeling, such as building a home office, adding a few extra bedrooms, or creating an entertainment space for games and movie nights.

Whether you want a passive income from a basement mother-in-law apartment or upgrading the downstairs for personal use, building a kitchen in your basement in NJ is an important upgrade to consider. 

Lifestyles are changing, and families are expanding their living requirements, which is why many people are choosing to invest in basement remodeling. Suppose you are thinking about building a kitchen in your basement in NJ. In that case, the simplest solution is to hire a full-service renovation contractor to help, such as Magnolia Home Remodeling Group.

Why Have a Kitchen in Your Basement?

What is your motivation for building a kitchen in your basement in NJ? Here are some of the reasons why homeowners want this feature:

  • Entertaining: When you are hosting birthday parties or friends for an evening of fun, it’s nice to have kitchen facilities in the area where the party is happening. A basement kitchen is not only convenient but also makes it easy to clean up the messes that will inevitably happen.
  • Kid Space: If your kids have friends over, it’s nice to give them an area to hang out without disrupting the regular activities that are happening in the central kitchen. For example, teenagers love the convenience of cooking their own frozen pizzas downstairs.
  • Home Value: Building a kitchen in your basement in NJ is an excellent investment for your real estate property. This feature increases the value of your home, which means you’ll have more equity when it’s time to sell in the future. Talk to your home renovation contractor for specific details about the Return on Investment based on the area and value of your home.
  • Expand Living Space: It’s nice to offer more living space, especially when family members live in your home. For example, maybe you have aging parents who need to be nearby or an adult child living in the basement while finishing a university degree. 
  • Passive Income: Consider the benefits of building a full basement suite to bring in passive income for your family. This area can be rented for a monthly fee, helping to offset your mortgage payment. 

If you consider any of these priorities for your basement renovations, then talk to our team to schedule a consultation to learn more about available services.

What Is Needed for a Kitchen in Your Basement?

The idea of building a kitchen in your basement in NJ is just the beginning. Now that you’ve decided it’s time to move forward, you need to create a plan to design and build the space. Here are a few of the steps you will be following through this process:

  • Hire a Basement Contractor: This provider can offer full-service solutions, including basement design, material sourcing, and more. Plus, your contractor obtains the proper permits and paperwork to ensure you are following local rules and regulations. The quality of the basement contractor that you hire has a direct impact on the outcome of your renovation. A good contractor offers the services you need from start to finish.
  • Set Goals: What are your priorities for these home improvements? There are many ways finished basements can be used, which is why it’s essential to identify your goals. Then, you can match the design features around the way your family will be using this space. Consider the square footage, as well as other details that affect the layout and design. For example, when you are building a kitchen in your basement in NJ, make sure the plumbing and electrical access are nearby for all of the appliances.
  • Pick a Theme: One of the most effective ways to choose colors and finishes is by picking a theme for your basement renovation. Some finished basements continue the decorative elements from the upstairs areas of the home. Other basements are unique. Your home remodeling contractor can offer options, or you can hire an interior designer for advice. Also, spend time browsing different ideas online to see if you can find a theme you prefer.
  • Prioritize Safety and Function: The basement is at risk for flooding since it’s below ground, so be sure to build in the extra steps necessary to waterproof the foundation. Also, before you start building a kitchen in your basement in NJ, you need to have a contractor who checks for cracks in the floor and concrete walls. If there is any visible moisture or problems, those areas need to be repaired to avoid future issues.
  • Choosing Materials and Appliances: Are you building a kitchen in your basement in NJ for full function, or do you want a smaller version – such as a wet bar? The kitchen will be more expensive if you have a stove, oven, dishwasher, and more. Or, you can keep costs low by sticking with a sink and fridge.  Be sure to check with local building departments for approval of appliances in a basement space.
  • Ask About Ventilation: Too often, basements are lacking in ventilation. Good airflow is critical, especially when you are using the kitchen for cooking. If possible, make sure to have a big window in the basement kitchen. Also, consider adding extra ventilation in the form of a range hood that moves the air.

Magnolia at Your Service

At Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, we have the expertise and skills you need to create the basement kitchen of your dreams. When you are preparing for any type of home improvement project, we invite you to contact our team to learn more about available services.

Our skilled designers and contractors take the time to get to know each homeowner. We want to understand your specific preferences and goals and then design the remodeling plans to match. If you are ready to start building a kitchen in your basement in NJ, contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss the possibilities.

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