Mar 12, 2022 : What Adds the Most Value During a Bathroom Remodel?

If you’re thinking about putting money into home improvements, you might want to consider adding a bathroom remodel to your list of possibilities. While you may think that other larger spaces would be more important to potential buyers, a bathroom addition or bathroom upgrade often takes priority in a buyer’s mind and will sway them in your direction over another home without the upgrades. 

Let’s look at some of the details that go into a bathroom renovation project, what adds the most value, and what you can expect as a return on investment for all your upgrades when you renovate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group.

Getting the Best Return on Investment for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

As you probably know, most home renovations add value to your home. A bathroom renovation is no different. But how much, you might ask? It’s estimated that for a midrange bathroom remodel, homeowners will be able to recoup about 64% of what they put into it. On upscale remodels, plan on getting around 56%. That’s a pretty good ROI! 

Of course, if you’re remodeling a master bathroom that is part of a master suite, your return on investment (ROI) is usually much better than if you are just updating a half bath. 

There are many ways to spend your money while remodeling a bathroom. It’s easy to get hung up looking at the flashy upgrades that aren’t necessarily going to get you any better return on your investment than something more mid-grade. Let’s look at some of the smartest changes that bring the biggest ROI.

Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading your lighting fixtures can be a big deal and really change the overall look of your entire bathroom. What may have seemed dim and a little depressing can be light, bright, and inviting with the simple addition of better bathroom lighting fixtures.

Try upgrading your lighting in other parts of your home, too. You may be surprised at the refreshed feeling it gives your space!

Fresh Fixtures

Fresh fixtures finish off a bathroom remodel beautifully. By using Magnolia Home Remodeling Group’s go-to trusted brands like Kohler and American Standard, you can achieve the stunning look you’re going for, all while getting quality fixtures that will last. 

Add new faucets, towel racks, a towel warmer, or steam shower features to your new walk-in shower. The wide selection of fresh fixtures will excite you about how amazing your new renovated bathroom will be!

Updated Ventilation and Plumbing

Updating and improving the ventilation and plumbing situation in your New Jersey bathroom remodel can ensure that your new bathroom doesn’t just look pretty but has good bones on the inside as well. While these aren’t the most exciting things to spend money on, they will make your new additions last longer and continue to look and perform better.

Updated ventilation will ensure that mildew or mold doesn’t build up on your new finishes, and things like steam from your hot shower can be removed quickly afterward. Magnolia Home Remodeling Group will help guide you on the best ways to achieve the ventilation you need, as well as let you know if plumbing upgrades need to happen. 

Retiled or Heated Floors

There are all kinds of flooring options for your bathroom remodel. New Jersey homeowners will find that a tile floor can be a very nice addition, especially if they are heated. There’s nothing quite like the feel of stepping into your beautiful new bathroom with welcoming heated floors to make you more comfortable. Although this is a more expensive choice (both tile and heated floors) and quite the added luxury, you could attract potential buyers much faster with these kinds of upgrades.

Refresh Your Vanity and Cabinets

Have you thought about upgrading your vanity and cabinets during your bathroom remodel? Often, this has some of the biggest effects on your overall upgraded look. Large mirrors, ample counter space, double sinks, and more can be a big draw to buyers and a nice upgrade for you to enjoy in the meantime. 

Painting or refinishing cabinets can be just what your bathroom needs if you do not want to install completely new ones. You can update your hardware, or even add new sinks if the budget allows you to modernize your bathroom and make it feel brand new. 

If your countertops are cracked or badly scratched, they may be the most important thing to work on, based on the level of damage. Depending on what kind of finish you use, it doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive change either. Even the smallest changes can make big improvements!

How Magnolia Home Remodeling Can Make an Impact on Your Bathroom Upgrade

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds with any kind of home renovation or bathroom remodel. New Jersey contractor Magnolia Home Remodeling can keep you on the right path, allowing for a wide range of options while keeping you on track with your budget. 

Our team values our customers and loves the ideas and visions that are brought to us. We welcome the chance to collaborate and design a space that is unique, welcoming, and stunning to look at.   

Magnolia Homes Remodeling also knows where your money is best spent in terms of receiving the best return on investment possible. We will help guide you through choices that will get you the “biggest bang for your buck” while still getting what you want and can enjoy. This is an experience that you can’t get with a few YouTube videos or Google searches! Make sure you have a professional at your side to get you to the finished product you desire.

Contact Magnolia Home Remodeling for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Magnolia Home Remodeling is a trusted name with the experience to go with it. When you’re ready to discuss a bathroom remodel, or any other kind of home renovation project, we are happy to help. We’ll give you our opinion, educate you on options, and complete a beautiful new upgrade that you will enjoy for years to come. 

When hiring Magnolia Home Remodeling Group you can have peace of mind that all bathroom remodeling is performed to exceed your expectations. Additionally, we offer affordable payment plans for all qualified buyers with our 100% Home Improvement Financing for all bathroom remodeling projects. Please call us anytime at 855-624-6655 or contact us by filling out the request for an estimate, and we will schedule a free basement estimate, explaining all the product options and prices available. We appreciate you considering our company to remodel your bathroom! 

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