Dec 04, 2019 : Wooden Floors vs. Tile Floors: Which Is Better for Remodeling?

Wooden Floors vs. Tile Floors

Which Is Better for Your Remodeling Project in NJ?

If you’re looking into a home remodeling in NJ, one topic which will undoubtedly come up is the matter of flooring.  If you still have old vinyl or carpet in place, it’s high time for a change!  New floors can improve the look and feel of your home, as well as simply giving you a better experience when you’re walking around the house.

Either wood flooring or tiling could be excellent options or even both in different places of your home.  Which option will be better for your remodeling project?  Here’s a quick breakdown of their pros and cons.


Wood vs Tile in An NJ Home Remodeling


Tiles are generally less expensive than wood, although high-end options are available, and is extremely long-lasting.  While it depends on the materials being used, tile flooring is generally damage-resistant, and it should not require much in the way of maintenance beyond regular cleaning.

Tile flooring is most commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms – where water resistance and ease of cleaning are important.

However, tiles also tend to be cold to walk on, because they don’t hold heat easily.  Without sub-floor heating, tiles can be uncomfortable, particularly in the morning. 


Wood flooring is loved for its appearance, giving any home a warm and natural look.  Wood can go in almost any room in the house, aside perhaps from bathrooms, and will look nice with almost any decor.  It’s particularly popular for areas of the house where people will spend a lot of time, such as the living room or bedrooms.

Plus, unlike tile, wood holds its heat well and is more comfortable to walk on when it’s cold.

However, wood is also significantly more expensive to purchase and install.  Additionally, it’s higher maintenance than tile, and easier to damage.  A wood floor needs to be treated carefully, to preserve its amazing look.  Also, if you are looking at wood, you may want to pay attention to sourcing.  Many woods are still not sustainably farmed, so there is more ecological impact.


Magnolia Knows Home Remodeling In NJ

We are a highly experienced New Jersey home improvement contractor, with years of experience and a long list of happy customers.   Whether you only want new flooring in one room, or you want a complete home renovation, contact us to make it happen!


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