Feb 07, 2020 : Your Guide to General Window and Home Safety

There is no better way to protect your family than by implementing the appropriate safety features in your home. With window-related accidents and issues occurring in New Jersey and in homes across America every year, there are a few important safety tips that every homeowner should know.

Our experienced contractors at Magnolia Home Remodeling understand the importance of window and home safety, which is why they have prepared a safety guide for you and your family to follow.

Important Window and Home Safety Tips

  1. Limit children’s’ access to windows

If you have young children, a window can be a serious safety hazard if it is not properly secured or positioned out of the child’s reach. Window companies such as Pella offer a beautiful array of windows that can be locked to prevent children from falling out when adults are not in the room. Pella windows can also be paired with remote technology so that parents are always in control, and there is no need for strings or other manual features that children could potentially harm themselves with.

  1. Prepare for an emergency exit

When redecorating a room or installing replacement windows, it is always important to consider the fastest way to exit if necessary. Homes should be equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so that families can exit immediately if an emergency occurs. Parents should also educate their kids on how to safely get outside if they are not present during an emergency. Your emergency exit windows should therefore never be painted over, nailed shut, or overlaid with films and other accessories that will slow down your exit time.

  1. Practice precautionary landscaping

Kids often let their imagination run wild and get themselves into dangerous situations while unsupervised. Even if you have leading window safety technology in place, it is always best to prepare for a child to fall out of your window by planting soft bushes and flower beds directly outside.

  1. Ensure safe window installation

It is always best to have a professional install your windows for you, however if you plan on installing them yourself, it is important to follow safety procedures while doing so. Whether you are installing a small Anderson picture window or a luxurious Pella bay replacement window, you should always read the directions and use a sturdy ladder to install the piece.

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