Project Profiles : New Window and Siding Installation in Lambertville, NJ

This beautiful home in Lambertville—located in Western New Jersey in Hunterdon County—was in need of an exterior refresh. New windows and siding allowed us to give these homeowners the complete transformation they were dreaming of.

As a bonus, this change also allowed us to install additional insulation and to repair water-damaged sections of the home’s exterior.

The Job: Transform the Exterior of This Lambertville Home

This client wanted to take their home from Spanish-style stucco to clean, traditional board and batten siding that would give the house the classic charm they were looking for. The project involved several steps to renovate the exterior of the home, which not only improved the house’s aesthetic appeal but also guaranteed increased insulation and improved durability for years to come.

Problem Areas: Rotted Wood, Inadequate Insulation, and Outdated Design

While this home’s bones were timeless, wood damage and old stucco siding had taken a toll on its exterior integrity as well as its curb appeal. To give the house back its charm, our clients wanted to elevate its beauty with board and batten siding and new trim for its windows and doors, presenting a traditional yet refreshed look.

The Goal: Damage Repair and a Style Upgrade

Every aspect of this home improvement project was considered to ensure that any existing damage or rot was addressed before we moved forward with the installation of the house’s new siding, trim, and gutters. Our team also worked closely with the homeowners throughout every step of the remodeling process so they would be thrilled with their Lambertville home’s beautiful new look.

  • Stripped Stucco and Vinyl Siding Installation

    For the first step in this renovation, we stripped the existing stucco siding from the home, exposing the underlying plywood sheathing. To prepare the home for the installation of the new board and batten siding, the plywood was inspected and replaced in the areas that were rotted or water damaged. The battens were placed vertically over the joints between the boards, adding visual interest and creating a traditional yet timeless appearance.

  • Vapor Barrier and Foam Insulation for Home Protection

    To protect the home from further water damage, our team applied a GreenGuard vapor barrier to help prevent moisture from seeping into the walls and causing rot or mold growth. The vapor barrier acts as a shield while allowing any trapped moisture to escape, which is crucial in maintaining the structural integrity of the home and allows for more effective moisture control. We also installed new Polar Wall foam insulation, which works with the vapor barrier to improve energy efficiency and greatly reduce the risk of future water-related issues.

  • Alside Board and Batten Siding Update

    The final siding is the most visible element of any exterior home renovation, so making the right choice is an essential part of the process. To give these clients the timeless look they desired, Alside board and batten siding was chosen for its distinctive, appealing look as well as the practical benefits it offers. The siding’s durable construction and low-maintenance nature ensure long-lasting performance and minimize the need for frequent upkeep. Additionally, the board and batten design offers enhanced protection against the elements, including wind, rain, and UV rays.

  • Updated Trim for Windows and Doors

    New exterior trim was then meticulously measured, cut, and installed around the windows and doors to improve the aesthetic appeal of the home and help to seal any gaps between the windows or doors and the surrounding walls, preventing drafts, unwanted moisture, and energy loss. The new trim created a clean and polished look while also contributing to the home’s durability, insulation, and overall value.

  • Aluminum Gutters and Leaders Installed

    New aluminum gutters and leaders completed the transformation of this Lambertville home. They were the perfect finishing touch, not only because of their seamless integration into the home’s new look but also because they were carefully placed by our team to direct rainfall and water flow downward and away from the house and foundation. This provides additional protection for the exterior walls, windows, and doors against excess moisture that could cause future damage.

  • Affordable Financing for NJ Window and Siding Installation

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