Nov 11, 2018 : After New Window Installation in NJ, What Maintenance Needs To Be Done.

Nothing feels quite like getting new windows.  A new set of windows can completely change the feel of your home, giving it a new personality, as well as making it more attractive both inside and out.  Better yet, new modern windows are much more energy-efficient than older models, particularly dual- or triple-paned windows, meaning that you can easily save money in the long run through reduced electrical bills.

Of course, nothing lasts forever.  To get the most from your new window investment, you’ll need to do some basic upkeep and maintenance.  Fortunately, this is easy for most types of windows.  Here are a few basic tips.

How to Keep Your New Window Installation in NJ Looking Great

ü         Wooden Frames

Wood frames are going to be installed already treated with materials to protect them from the elements and from invaders such as termites.  However, you should remain vigilant.  Even minor damage, such as scrapes, can create a hole in that protective layer which will let in moisture or infestations.  You should routinely check your wooden frames, indoors and out, to make sure they’re still 100% sealed against the elements.

Beyond that, you’ll want to periodically use a wood polish on your frames to keep them looking nice.

ü       Aluminum Frames

Unlike wood frames, aluminum is extremely hard to damage and requires very little upkeep.  All it really needs is to be periodically washed.  However, you do want to keep an eye on the joints where the aluminum frame meets the rest of the house.  Even minor shifts in the home or its foundation can damage those joints, creating drafts and reducing your energy savings.

ü        Window panes

Modern window panes really aren’t any difficult to maintain than older versions.  It’s still best to clean them with mild soapy water and a soft sponge or washcloth.  Commercial cleaning products will also work, although you’ll want to read the label to ensure they won’t harm the frame.

One warning: If you’ve opted for multi-pane windows with inert gas inside, even minor cracks in the pane will allow the gas to escape.  The gas is harmless, but you’ll lose the insulation benefits until you’ve gotten a replacement pane.

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