Dec 17, 2021 : Benefits of Hiring an Andersen Certified Contractor

Whether you need to replace one window or all of them, you shouldn’t try to DIY the project. While you might be tempted to do it on your own to save money, window installations require expert installations. Without them, you risk compromising the quality of the window, and you could end up spending more money on repairs or replacements down the road.

So, who should you hire for the job?

If you want to invest in premium Andersen windows, we strongly encourage you to hire an Andersen Certified Contractor. Other contractors can certainly install their products, but certified installers are trained to provide you with the best installation services. In fact, there are several advantages to hiring a NJ home remodeling company with Andersen Certified installers.

As an Andersen Certified Contractor, Magnolia Home Remodeling Group has been vetted and our installers have attended training directly from Andersen Windows.  Andersen Certified Contractors have exclusive access to high quality products and warranties that go directly to the customer. Not only do you know that our expert installers are qualified, you also have the peace of mind that your windows are covered by warranties straight from Andersen Windows!

What Does it Mean to be Anderson Certified?

Andersen Certified is more than just a title, which we hold here at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group. It signifies all of the hard work that a contractor has put in to be the best installer. It also helps to differentiate one contractor from another. When you see that an installer has the certification, you can trust that they have: 

  • Vast Product Knowledge: Certified Installers have been thoroughly educated on all of the different types of Andersen windows. They know each product’s unique specifications, and as a result, they can help you decide which windows and doors are best for your needs. The contractors even take a tour through Andersen’s Research, Innovation, and Development facility to give them a better understanding.
  • Professional Installations: In addition to knowing all about the different design features, Andersen Certified Contractors know how to optimize them. The contractors have undergone hands-on training to ensure the proper installation of every window style.
  • Water Test Demonstration: More specifically, each contractor must pass Andersen’s water test. The test is conducted on their first training installation. It demonstrates that each contractor knows how to seal the windows or doors properly, so you never have to worry about water leaks.
  • Continued Education: Lastly, all Andersen contractors continue to receive ongoing training. They always have the latest information regarding new product designs, and they know any changes in installation methods.

Customer Benefits of Choosing Andersen Certified

Now that you know more about what the Andersen Certification is, you’re probably wondering what all of that means for you. While some benefits might be more obvious, there are several you might not think of. The following are just a few of the main benefits customers receive when they hire Andersen Certified Contractors for their window or door installation.

More Efficient Installations

As with any home improvement project, window replacements can be a massive disruption to your everyday life. They create a mess and require a lot of attention. Fortunately, certified installers know the most efficient methods for replacing windows and doors. 

Thanks to all of their training, Andersen Certified Contractors know how to get the and tools to get the job done as quickly as possible. However, you never have to worry about them compromising the quality of the installation. Their efficient installation methods mean that you can start enjoying your new windows right away.

Stronger Warranties

When you choose to DIY your window installation, you could easily void part or all of your warranty. This is especially true if you don’t install them properly. If you want to have long-lasting and comprehensive warranty coverage, you should always hire a team of certified installers. With a Certified Contractor, Andersen also offers a 2-year limited installation warranty.

That’s not all!

Not only do they make sure that the installation meets Anderson’s requirements, but they often offer their own warranties. When you combine a workmanship and manufacturer’s warranty, you can optimize coverage. These two warranties offer homeowners the most peace of mind. 

Expert Knowledge

Even if you don’t plan to DIY your project, it’s still important that you choose your installers with care. No remodelers know Andersen windows and doors better than Certified Installers. By hiring a team of these highly-trained professionals, you can be confident that they have all of the knowledge and skills to install your products properly. 

Want to know the best part about hiring Anderson Certified Contractors?

With all of their product expertise, you can get answers to all of your questions. Most homeowners don’t know much about window installations, so it’s not uncommon to have questions or concerns along the way. Whether you want to know more about the different product benefits, installation methods, or warranties, Certified Installers can help. 

Window Selection Assistance

If you are replacing your windows, it is especially important that you choose the right products. You want to ensure that you choose the proper size, or you could end up with more work on your hands. Even if you are building a new home, it can be difficult to sort through all of the different window and door options. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess which products are best for your home. 

One of the main benefits of choosing a Certified Installer like Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is the extensive product knowledge. You can work with a team of contractors to find the right style, size, and color for your home. Your choices can be based on your budget, taste, efficiency goals, and more.

Find a Team of Andersen Certified Installers in NJ

If you would like to hire Andersen Certified Contractors for your next window installation, you don’t have to look far to find the right team in NJ. Here at Magnolia Home Remodeling, we have several highly trained and certified installers ready to help you. In fact, we have more than 30 years of experience, so you can expect exceptional new window installations or replacements.

You can get started with your project by contacting our helpful representatives. They can provide you with more information over the phone, or you can ask to schedule a design consultation with one of our knowledgeable contractors. If you want to start with a free, no-obligation quote, then you can just fill out our simple online form instead.

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