Aug 26, 2022 : Benefits of Including Kohler Fixtures in Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is an exciting undertaking. While renovations can be fun to look forward to, they are often a necessity, even more than a choice. A kitchen renovation is likely the most desired renovation in your home, with a bathroom remodel as a close second. For resale, these are also the two places home buyers notice most when deciding on their next home. 

Your bathroom space is important, and a bathroom remodel can improve your daily life by making this commonly-used room more beautiful and user-friendly. After all, it’s probably one of the first places you visit when you wake up and one of the last places you go before bed. It makes sense that you would want it to be nice.

When it’s time to pick out new bathroom fixtures for your reno, you’ll want to look for something high quality as well as stunning. That’s where Kohler comes in. The benefits of including Kohler fixtures in your bathroom renovation are something that you can appreciate now and in the future. Here’s why.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient home improvements are important to include throughout your home renovations. A bathroom remodel is no different. It’s not hard to do these days, either. With so many options now available, you can hop on the energy-efficient train easily, and you’ll be glad you did! 

Try going green to help not only the environment but your wallet, too. Adding energy-efficient features to your home remodeling projects can add up and potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Who doesn’t think saving money is a good idea?!

See a Better Return on Investment

A bathroom remodel will not only impress potential home buyers or a home appraiser, but the sleek design of Kohler fixtures will add to the overall look and feel, and will remind you of the quality and durability of the Kohler name. This name has been known and trusted for years. 

You’ll also find that if there is ever a problem with one of your Kohler products, the warranty included with the purchase of your fixtures will take care of you and any problems you may encounter. Kohler fixtures will keep their beautiful look and quality long-term, giving you the return on investment you want and need on your NJ bathroom renovation. 

Design a Luxury Experience

A gorgeous walk-in shower, luxurious bathtub, warm tile, and mood lighting can all bring an experience you want to revisit time and again. A bathroom renovation that features Kohler Luxstone gives you the luxury, durability, and affordability that you’ve been looking for. With features like stain resistance and material that is easy to clean, you can’t go wrong with a luxurious Luxstone shower in your newly remodeled bathroom space. 

Create an Easy, Stress-Free Environment

You want and need your bathroom renovation to bring a stress-free environment for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful bathing experience or a functional space to get ready for the day, Magnolia Home Remodeling Group can help. We will lay out a bathroom that you’ll love, complete with Kohler fixtures to match your taste and the look you desire. 

There’s nothing like the annoyance that comes from making do with a leaky faucet or broken tiles. When enough is enough, we are ready to help, keeping things affordable yet stunning at the same time.

Fixtures from a Company with a Mission

Kohler’s company mission is “to improve your sense of gracious living in every experience you have with a Kohler product or service.” They want your experience to be seamless and something that you look back on as extraordinary. That’s what keeps home builders and homeowners coming back year after year. 

In addition, Kohler products are made in the USA, helping you support local workers and saving time and money if you need replacement parts. Kohler also makes it a point to give back to communities all over the world through a partnership with World Vision – aiding communities with things like disaster relief, poverty assistance, and much more. It’s a company you want to support during your NJ bathroom renovation because of how they help you as a customer and the community around you.

Choose Magnolia Home Remodeling for the Kohler Fixtures of Your Dreams

Bathroom remodeling is a big undertaking, and you want a professional that knows what they’re doing to complete the job. You not only want it done right, but you want to increase your energy efficiency, see a better return on investment, and design the luxury, stress-free experience you’ve been dreaming of, all while supporting an American-made company. You can do this with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group and Kohler fixtures.

Make your dreams a reality and call Magnolia Home Remodeling Group to get started on your bathroom renovation in New Jersey. Get ready to enjoy your bathroom again!

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