Aug 30, 2019 : 4 Keys to Finding the Perfect Kitchen Design

Many homeowners spend plenty of time in their kitchen each day. It is important that this space is treated with care and built with a design plan that is perfect for your individual needs and unique style.

The contractors at Magnolia Home Remodeling are simplifying NJ kitchen renovations with a four-step list for achieving your perfect kitchen design.

  1. Focus on spatial needs

A good home improvement contractor should work with you to determine the amount of space that is needed for your kitchen to function properly. If you live with a family of seven, for example, you may need more counter space for multiple people to prepare food at one time. In this case, an island may be a suitable option for your kitchen. But if you live alone or with another person, you may be able to afford saving space on storage and countertops in favor of larger, more elaborate appliances or furniture.

  1. A floorplan that fits

Home remodeling contractors know the importance of treating each room as one element of the entire home, rather than an isolated space. Unfortunately, not all kitchen designs will be suitable for your home. When designing a kitchen floorplan, a good NJ home improvement contractor will look at the connecting rooms and create a remodeling plan that compliments the way the rest of your home has been designed.

  1. Practical appliances

Choosing appliances that are practical for your budget, usage, amount of available space, and personal style can be a headache. Allowing home remodeling contractors to assist you in making these decisions is a great way to find the proper balance of all these factors. Regardless of size and budget restrictions, a good contractor will find several appliance options for you to choose from.

  1. Incorporating a dining area

For many NJ homeowners, space can be limited, and it’s essential to capitalize on rooms that can function in various ways. If you do not have the space for a separate dining room, your NJ home remodeling contractor may be able to design your kitchen with an area reserved for a pub table or an island that can act as extra counter space, as well as a dining area by simply adding stools on one side.

Our Design Experts Can Help

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