Jul 08, 2019 : Discover Our Tips for Remodeling Your NJ Bathroom

Proactive planning will allow you to build that perfect bathroom for the family home. But what are the latest styles and how can you ensure the right fit for your home? To help you through this process, let’s delve into some remodeling tips to help improve the bathroom in your NJ home.

Five Bathroom Remodeling Tips

  • Harness free-standing tubs

Free-standing tubs can help your bathroom become a standout area of the home. They also give you more room around the tub for storage and for additional decorative pieces.

  • Surround showers with sliding glass doors

Making effective use of light can help enhance your bathroom design work. During your remodel, consider adding sliding glass doors to your bathroom.

The doors will allow light into the area and give you the opportunity to bask in the sun while you wind down after work.

  • Add neutral tones for classic appeal

Some homeowners make the mistake of using high-contrast colors during bathroom design work. Bright tones can fall out of style quickly. To achieve full value in the bathroom remodeling process for your NJ home, consider neutral tones.

This way, you’ll be able to build upon the neutral design in the future, while retaining the classic appeal of the room.

  • Carefully consider fixtures

The fixtures in the bathroom will be used and noticed by all guests. Taps and sinks are a key consideration. Ensure they become a signature element of your remodel.

For that standout look classical look, consider copper sinks that catch they eye yet blend with your neutral décor.

  • Speak with remodeling experts early

You don’t always have a clear idea about how to use your bathroom space. Make sure that remodeling experts are brought in at the earliest possible time in the decision-making process. Professionals can help you choose colors. They can help you organize your thoughts. They can give you a clear strategy for getting maximum out of your remodeling budget.

Our Magnolia Team Can Help

A bathroom remodel can transform your NJ home. Choosing the right remodeling company is the most important step you’ll take in the process.

We have the experience to help you complete a stylish bathroom remodel in your NJ home. Don’t wait to begin the planning process, contact Magnolia Home Remodeling to get a free estimate.



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