Jul 15, 2019 : Can I save money by replacing windows during the cold winter months?

The GOOD NEWS is that when you replace your windows during the cold months you will surly notice an immediate difference in room comfort.
The GREAT NEWS is that the winter weather will not prevent you from having new replacement windows installed in your home. Also, Magnolia Home Remodeling crews will take extra precautions to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable during the entire process of the replacement window install.

Can I save money by replacing windows during the cold winter months? 



A big misconception for New Jersey homeowners is that replacing your homes windows is generally better to do during the warmer months. 
During winter, brisk and chilly temperatures make it easy to find the defects in faulty or old windows. The drafts coming from seals, cracks, and poorly insulated windows seem to be magnified the most during cold weather. Deciding to replace the windows in your NJ home is a decision that should be made based solely on their condition. Temporary DIY solutions such as weather stripping or putty only prolong your window issues, it does not solve them.
Just keep in mind that there are benefits choosing to replace your NJ homes windows during any month regardless of the temperature outside. 

How Long Will My Window Installation Take?

Replacing your windows during the winter is a quick and easy task. Most NJ homeowners are unaware that a professionally certified contractor will typically complete a window installation within one working day. Many New Jersey homeowners have the misconception that installing windows or patio doors in the winter is a bad thing. They hold off because they are afraid too much cold air will get in the house or they will get a poor installation. It’s just not true. It doesn’t really matter when the window or door is installed. In winter, the installation might take a tiny little bit longer because our installers are taking care not to leave openings exposed for too long. In reality, the opening will only be exposed to the weather from 20 minutes to an hour.
How do I know if my Windows Need to be Replaced?
If you can feel air coming in, or a draft, it’s definitely time to replace your windows. If you have a double pane glass and in the morning there is condensation between the two panes of glass, you have a seal failure, which means that the windows are not working as efficiently as they should. If there is condensation on the interior pane and not between the glass, you have a moisture issue that needs to be addressed. The moisture level of your house should be between 30 and 32 percent humidity. Otherwise you risk hitting the dew point, which results in condensation forming, much like condensation forms on a mirror in a steamy bathroom.
Tip: If you have blinds, don’t close them all the way. Leave them open about two inches from the bottom to allow warm air to wash over the glass, which will help condensation from occurring.

Top 4 Reasons New Jersey Homeowners Should Replace Their Windows During The Winter Months

1.) Worry about losing significant heat during the process: NJ homeowners fear that there will be significant heat loss from windows left open during a winter replacement window installation. In actuality, this will not be an issue as our installation crews will typically focus on changing one window at a time. Doing so ensures maximum comfort and gives each window more attention. Many homeowners also fear that sealants and insulating foam will not settle properly in the cold. In reality, it is possible to install windows successfully in temperatures that are as low as -20’C. In fact, sealant materials used in colder months tend to be more weather resistant and durable than those used in warmer months.
2.) Easier to uncover problems with your windows: If you just bought a new home, it is better to wait one winter before replacing your windows unless, of course, they are falling apart.  That is because the extreme temperatures and weather winter brings is the best environment to reveal any weaknesses your existing windows have. Material contracts when exposed to cold weather and any leaks or drafts will become way more apparent during the colder, draftier weather. 
3.) More installation dates available: Many people put off winter projects merely because they think they do not have enough time for it. Conversely, there are likely more dates available to choose from during the winter. Summer is the busiest time for window installations so, if you wait until then, you will not have as many dates to choose from. Plan window installation as early as possible will ensure you can accommodate other commitments and projects.
4.) Get a better deal! As it is for most window installers, our busiest season is during warm months. So, for this reason we offer some spectacular replacement window deals and best special offers during the winter months as an incentive for our New Jersey homeowners. You can benefit more from ‘window’ shopping around during the slow season when window installers are more likely to lower prices to get your business.
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