Sep 11, 2018 : Four Signs You Need Shingle Roof Replacement In NJ

Shingles are one of the classic options for roof materials. It’s a timeless look, and they offer good value in terms of cost versus longevity. Of course, the downside is that shingles can also become damaged and, over time, you’ll eventually need to start looking into shingle roof replacement in NJ.


How do you know it’s time to have your shingles replaced? Here are some of the most common warning signs.


Four Ways to Know Your Roof Shingles Need Replacing


1- Multiple Broken or Missing Shingles


This is the obvious one. The more shingles are broken or missing, the less effective your roof is, and the more likely water is to leak into the house when it rains. If it’s just one or two shingles that are missing, those can often be replaced singly. However, if there are several missing, it’s a pretty good bet that the roof itself is wearing out and patchwork won’t fix things for long.


2- Curling Shingles


The most common way that roof shingles wear out is that they begin to curl upwards at their edges. This is caused by a combination of age and warping from the sun’s heat. Once this starts happening, the shingles will fail rapidly – those upward curls make them very susceptible to being ripped off by gusts of wind.


3- Buckling Shingles


Another common way for shingles to fail is to warp from the middle, causing them to buckle or develop a wave-like form. Like curling, this is an effect of heat. It can also be an indication that your roof’s undergarment was poorly-installed and holding water. Either way, a roof with buckling shingles will need a roof replacement in NJ soon.


4- Missing Granules


Typical roof shingles are very grainy on top, and that’s not just for show. Those granules are part of the shingles’ protection against the elements. Over time, the granules can start to wear off, which weakens the shingles. Soon, they’ll start breaking, buckling, or curling. Poorly-placed drainage which is sending water cascading over tiles can make this situation worse. This is something that could be addressed when getting roof replacement.


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