Sep 13, 2018 : Got A Dusty, Musty Basement? Basement Renovation in NJ Can Create A Brand-New Space!

It’s quite common for homes in NJ to have basements, particularly older construction…  but, unfortunately, it’s also quite common for those basements to go ignored or neglected.  So many NJ homeowners use their basements as nothing but storage space, allowing them to become cluttered, dusty, or even water-damaged.

But why let that happen?  Basement renovation in NJ can reclaim that space, potentially increasing the amount of usable floor space in your home by up to 1/3. Done correctly, it can be highly affordable, while significantly adding to your home’s value and sell-ability while giving you plenty of new utility value as well.

Here are just a few ideas.

Four Ways Basement Renovation in NJ Can Improve Your Home

1. A spare bedroom/apartment

A typical basement doesn’t merely have enough room for a bedroom, it can potentially be an entire apartment space.  You can install plumbing fixtures, kitchen equipment, even a second “living room.”  This makes it a perfect space for guests, kids, or maybe even as a rental space to bring in some revenue!

2. An entertainment room

Have you wanted to outfit your house with more entertainment fixtures, such as a large TV, pool table, even arcade machines, but lack the space for it above-ground?  The basement is a perfect space for this!  There’s plenty of room to fill it with entertainment products and make it your refuge from harsh reality.

3. A man cave (or woman cave) 

Everyone needs a space to get away from it all. Basements can easily be customized to be your own personal space, one which very few people -even visitors- would ever step foot in. In a world where we’re increasingly expected to be publicly available, even in our own homes, a “cave” can be your space to simply be yourself without any demands on your behavior.

4. Well-organized storage

Maybe you want to keep your basement as a storage space – that doesn’t mean it needs to be a musty dust-trap!  With professional shelving and some organization, your basement could be as well-ordered as a storefront.  That could be particularly nice if you’re keeping important documents downstairs or want to organize an emergency stash of food and other survival supplies.

Magnolia Home Remodeling: Your Experts for Basement Renovation In NJ

No matter your dream for remodeling your basement, we can make it happen – safely and within budget.  Contact us today for an estimate!

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