Oct 26, 2022 : What Should You Include in Your Basement Remodel?

Is it time to finish your basement? When you bought your house, you always had the possibility of expansion in mind. Now is the time to upgrade your basement space to more than just a cement surface for storage and a DIY home gym. Instead, you can create the basement plan of your dreams. 

While this home improvement undertaking may feel overwhelming, it’s not so bad when you hire the right contractor. Meet with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group to glean ideas and thoroughly prepare for your renovation. Read more to know where to start for your basement remodel in New Jersey. 

Decide What Your Dream Basement Will Be

The first step is to identify what your home is currently lacking. Then you can implement and fulfill those needs in your basement remodel. New Jersey homeowners might, for example,  need more space for a home office and extra bathroom, which you can include in your basement plan. 

Another option for a basement remodel is a large gathering room like a movie theater, a game room, or an entertainment center with a bar. Depending on the available square footage, you can have several new living spaces by including a family room and a home office in a basement renovation. 

What design elements will your basement include? For example, would you like your basement ceiling to implement exposed floor joists for a modern beam look or a drop ceiling? What is your plan for maximizing natural light in the basement? A basement flooring design could include keeping the concrete floors for a modern, industrial aesthetic. Or you can add warmth to the basement with wood flooring, vinyl planks, or carpet. The sky is your limit when planning for a basement remodel in your home. 

Prepare Your Basement for Remodeling

There is no rush to decide on final design elements when you have some work to do before you start on your finished basement. So is your basement in good condition for a total renovation? Here’s what you’ll need to do to find out. 

Clean Out the Space

Inevitably, you have some storage in the basement. Move it all out and start with a blank slate. Your basement remodel will require a lot of work, and this is the easiest step. As you clean, consider adding a storage room to your basement design. Then you will still have room for seasonal decorations, childhood keepsakes, and more.

Conduct a Moisture Test

Determine if the basement is vulnerable to leaks, mold, and mildew. By being underground, basements can be subject to water damage or floods. You can solve a moisture problem by redirecting any outside water at least 10 feet away from your foundation. Use waterproof paint and coating on the interior walls. And plan for adequate HVAC circulation, including a dehumidifier feature. 

Upgrade Your Space

Inspect your basement walls and floors for any cracks or moisture accumulation. Before moving forward with the basement renovation, you will need to fix any problems. Next, you can start building the layout of your basement remodel. 

Walls and Insulation

An unfinished basement is bare with cinder block walls. Make the space feel like a home by adding insulation before finishing up the walls with drywall. You can choose spray foam or a combination of foam and fiberglass insulation. This protective layer absorbs the cold or heat from the ground outside and keeps your home temperature-controlled. 


If you add a bathroom or kitchenette to the basement, you will need the proper plumbing to run through the space. Consult with a plumbing expert to stay up to date with the code when adding a bathroom and sink to the basement. 

Lighting and Electrics

A contractor can install the required outlets for your home office, bedroom, bathroom, home entertainment room, or other basement areas. Having a solid design and layout will help to take care of these necessities before going further. 

Lighting is always a priority in the basement when you have limited access to natural light. You may choose recessed lights throughout the basement to ensure you can walk into a bright and happy space. Set up the basement’s lighting while you have the electrician on the project. 

Create Your Dream Space

Now you can start to build out your basement. Think about what would be required for the following ideas for an unfinished basement. 

Home Gym

While leaving the house to get to the gym works for some people, you may not have time for the commute. Walking into your basement first thing in the morning and stepping into the home gym means there are no excuses for skipping a workout. Purchase your favorite gym equipment and stay motivated with some wall-to-wall mirrors for an ideal home gym design. 

Home Theater

Prioritize the sound system when creating a home theater. You can turn out all the lights in the basement to create a movie theater atmosphere. You’ll need a state-of-the-art sound system and a big-screen TV to make your dream a reality. Add a few rows of comfy couch chairs, and you’ll never have to go to a sticky movie theater again. 

Bar or Social Space

A bar is a perfect addition to your basement remodel if you like to entertain. Invite friends over to watch the big game and serve up their favorite drinks. Include a refrigerator and sink behind the bar for an extension of your kitchen. No one wants to run up and down the stairs while hosting a party. Instead, create the bar that you’ve always imagined where family and friends can feel welcomed and entertained when they come over for a party. 

Contact Magnolia Home Remodeling Group to Start Your Basement Remodel

Our Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is ready to get started on your basement remodel in New Jersey. We can go through the to-do list with you to get started. Meet with our team to plan the layout and execution for your home theater or game room. You can learn about proper insulation, flood prevention, and modern lighting from our experts in the industry. 

As you watch neighbors and colleagues try to buy a home in this crazy real estate market, you do not have to uproot your home when you have an alternative option. Instead, expand your square feet through your basement remodel. Contact Magnolia Home Remodeling Group today. 

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