Nov 01, 2019 : How Building Codes are Developed

Building codes are extremely important for NJ roofing contractors to understand, but homeowners can also benefit from understanding the rules and regulations that may interfere with their design plans.

The roofing contractors at NJ’s Magnolia Home Remodeling have answered a few questions regarding building codes, and how they are developed.

What are building codes?

A building code is a rule or regulation, which can be set in place for a variety of environmental, aesthetic, and financial reasons. These constraints guide home improvement contractors by setting limitations and standards for the design of a building, how it is constructed, as well as changes to the building or the way that it is maintained. An example of this is a building code, which prevents home improvement contractors in NJ from building past a certain height, which could cause damage if the structure comes into contact with a flood.

Who sets the standards for energy expenditure?

A major player in the creation of building codes is the International Code Council, or the “ICC,” which strives to maintain a certain standard of energy for all commercial and residential buildings. For commercial buildings, which may require different energy standards, there is another set of rules in place, called “ASHRAE”, which govern the amount of energy that is allowed from refrigeration, air conditioning and other practices that require serious energy expenditures. The government officials in NJ are ultimately responsible for local codes, as there is no standard energy code across the United States. An individual state such as New Jersey can adopt international codes and create their own methods of governing the activities of home improvement contractors in NJ.

Do Magnolia Home Remodeling contractors comply with building codes?


NJ roofing contractors and other home improvement specialists are often guilty of completing a job without thoroughly researching the local building and energy codes. At Magnolia Home Remodeling, our home improvement contractors will ensure that your design plans are up to code and that you do not run into any problems with your local government, which could lead to expensive fines and other penalties.

Are you planning on redesigning the exterior of your home, but are unclear on the local building codes that may affect your project? For trusted home improvement contractors, who respect building and energy codes while creating your dream home, call us today at (855) 624-6655 and request a free estimate!

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