Oct 05, 2019 : FALL is the BEST time to replace your NJ Roof



For almost any area, the best time of year to replace a roof is the fall. The temperatures during the fall months are much better suited for roofing. They allow for the material to work the best, and they provide the best conditions for the roofing professionals that are doing the job. Let us face the facts.
During the winter months, the problems of winter storms, ice and snow and cold weather can be dangerous. Snow can stop any roofer from working on a roof. If possible, it is best to wait until a time when snow and ice is not an issues. Extreme cold can prevent our roofing professionals from doing their job well, and performing under such conditions is much more dangerous.
Summer can work as well, however, during the summer temperatures on the roof can easily exceed 100 degrees. This makes it more difficult to work with the material and causes the workers to struggle to give their best.
The fall tends to be drier than other parts of the year. When deciding the best time of year to replace a roof. Fall is by far best time of year to replace roof shingles.

How do you know if your NJ roof needs attention?

Are there roof granules in your gutter? Is your roof’s color uneven? Have you noticed water stains in your attic? If so, your roof probably needs to be replaced…
Hot New Jersey summers, hail storms and the rough, harsh winters in our area aggravate roof problems, and can shorten the life of your roof. The damage is much easier to repair if you catch the problems early.  As soon as you notice dark spots in the attic or uneven wear on your roof, you need to call Magnolia Home Remodeling so our roofing experts can assess the situation.

In many cases, it’s either repair now or replace later.

If your roof is over ten years old, look for streaks where the surface granules have fallen off. If you see shingle tabs in your lawn or in the gutter, there are probably more loose tabs on the roof. If the shingles or granules fall off, water can seep through around the nail heads to damage the underlayment. Then the water can drip down onto your interior ceilings, causing more damage.

Roofs are continuously under attack by the elements. These factors damage the shingles, weather the corners, or completely strip sections of the roof away during terrible storms. The pitch, the underlayment, and the materials also affect your roof’s lifespan. New Jersey roofs require quality materials and experienced roofers who can help you pick the right materials for your specific area and climate conditions.


Do you know what to look for?

The best time to check your roof for wear and tear is in the spring and fall. The best place to start checking the condition of your roof is from the inside of your home
Take a flashlight and head for the attic. You’ll be looking for light coming in from the outside. You will also be looking for dark spots and signs of water leaks or damage. Also check for sagging.
Checking your roof from the outside of your home is easy. These are simple to spot. Get up on that ladder and check in your gutters.
  • Can you detect any mold build up?
  • Are there missing shingles or flashing?
  • Do you see a large amount of shingle granules?
If you notice lots of roofing debris, this means your roof has advanced wear. While you’re up there, also check to make sure the gutters are flowing freely and not clogged with leaves or other blockages.
Once you’ve checked for the obvious signs of wear and damage, hiring a roofing company like Magnolia Home Remodeling is the next step in determining the condition of your roof. Magnolia Home Remodeling offers totally free roof inspections. Our roofing experts will inspect your roof and give you an estimate. It’s that easy!
Don’t wait for rain to drip through your roof. Don’t wait for a rotting roof to cave in on you.

Be proactive and check your roof twice a year for any roofing issues that might be apparent. Your home is most likely your biggest investment. It is your roof that protects that investment.

To schedule your roofing estimate with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group please click on the free estimate button or call 855-624-6655.
Estimates are always free and we greatly appreciate the opportunity! 

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