Nov 05, 2019 : A Guide to Window Replacement and Installation

The wide range of stunning, innovative, energy-efficient window options available from top brands such as Pella and Andersen make window replacement a no brainer for homeowners looking to improve the appearance or efficiency of their homes.

At Magnolia Home Remodeling, our knowledgeable contractors understand the careful process that must take place to ensure a successful window installation, and our team has shared some of their best tips for replacing windows.

Five Tips for Window Replacement and Installation

  1. Opt for energy-efficient windows


Windows with multiple glass panes, Low-E coating glass, and heavily insulated frames are just a few examples of the new, energy-saving options that are on the market. A window, which draws heat from the sun into your home will drastically lower your energy bills. These replacement windows will also help the environment by taking advantage of solar heat.

  1. Show off your style with frames or grilles


Replacement windows with an addition of a grille or a thick frame running around the glass can add an interesting element to the exterior of your home. With many different design options, homeowners could opt for a delicate grille design for a traditional appearance or a thick frame for a streamlined look.

  1. Keep it simple with a pocket installation

A pocket installation is a relatively simple method of replacing windows, where the sash (the mobile part of your window) is removed so that the frame around the window can remain intact, and contractors can simply slide the new glass into place. For homeowners who are happy with the design of their windows, a pocket installation will allow installation of higher quality, energy-efficient glass such as Pella’s 250 Series windows, without changing the appearance.


  1. Get a fresh look with a full-frame installation


A full-frame installation is a larger task, where the contractor will remove the entire window along with its frame. This is useful for homeowners who are planning on redesigning the look of their home, as they will not be limited by the style of the original frame.

  1. Stay up to date on window maintenance


High-quality replacement windows can be expensive, which is why homeowners should always contact a professional at the first sign of damage. Whether your window is not sealed properly, or the sash becomes stuck in place, homeowners are encouraged to stay on top of maintenance for safety and temperature control inside the home.

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