Aug 09, 2021 : How Much Do Techo-Bloc Pavers Cost?

If you drive up to your house and feel underwhelmed, like something is missing, it’s time to think about techo-bloc pavers and the benefits they could add to your home’s exterior. Whether you would like a paved walkway up to your doorstep, a geometric wow-factor driveway, or a back patio to enjoy each evening, techo-block could be your answer.

When you choose techo-bloc pavers for your driveway or patio, your home will get an upgrade. However, no matter how much work you put into maintaining your home’s exterior, it will not measure up with a crumbly old driveway. So if it’s time to upgrade, make a move by choosing techo-bloc.

So how much do techo-bloc pavers cost? There are a lot of factors that go into that calculation. In this article, our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group will break it all down.

Techo-Bloc Paver Cost Factors

Consider some of the premium benefits that techo-bloc pavers have to offer when looking into how much do tech-bloc pavers cost. Some aspects that homeowners appreciate are:

Wide Selection

There are so many styles to choose from with techo-bloc pavers. The best part about finding out how much do tech-bloc pavers cost is discovering the various possible projects with paving stones. If you would like a new pool deck, you can choose a unique design with techo-bloc. Your driveway can be the talk of the neighborhood when you choose colors and geometric shapes to bring your home to the next level.

Heat Resistant

The paving stones are heat resistant. They have been thoroughly tested and designed to avoid absorbing heat. As a result, you can walk across your pavers in the heat of the summer without worrying about damaging your feet.

Do Not Shift

The interlocking stones of tech-bloc prevent shifting in the harsh freezing and thawing of cold weather. So you don’t have to worry about huge cracks when the pavers have some wiggle room for these weather changes.

Not Slippery

Step out of your pool without worrying about slipping and breaking a bone. The stones are specifically made not to get slippery when wet. This makes tech-bloc pavers an optimal material for pool decks.

Salt Resistant

In the winter months, people sprinkle their driveways with salt to break up the ice. Unfortunately, this can cause long-term damage to the regular pavement. With techo-bloc, the pavers are salt resistant and do not incur damage from salt.

When you consider techo-bloc pavers and the beauty they bring to your outdoor space, the answer to how much do techo-bloc pavers cost is only part of the equation. Some of the most breathtaking hardscapes you have seen are made from techo-bloc pavers.

How Much Do Techo-Bloc Pavers Cost?

Most pavers range from $3 to $6.50 per square foot. This does not include installation costs from an authorized dealer. When you choose a contractor with a vast experience installing techo-bloc, you will find the peace of mind is worth it. When dealing with such intricate patterns, you want a contractor who will get it right the first time.

There are so many styles to choose from and design esthetics. You can go for grand and classic with white rectangular blocks. Or you can select small hexagons with a colored pattern for your garden pathway. These factors go into calculating how much do techo-bloc pavers cost.

Techo-Bloc Installation and Labor Costs

Each contractor has varied experience working with paving stones. Even though techo-bloc products come in paneled pieces, so you don’t have to place each stone in place, they still require some installation expertise. Therefore, it is vital to choose an experienced techo-bloc installer.

Here are some questions you could ask your contractor:

  • Can I see before and after pictures of your techo-bloc paver projects?
  • What do homeowners like most about techo-bloc?
  • Why do contractors like techo-bloc pavers?
  • What does the process look like to prepare the land for the paving stones?
  • How long will the project take?
  • What are your COVID-19 safety procedures?

Be sure that your contractor answers each question confidently and displays their experience working with techo-bloc pavers. Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is sure to answer all of your questions and any that come up along the way!

When you find the right contractor, you can expect to pay $18-$25 per square foot of patio installation. Other factors like measuring around curves and multiple corners can make the process longer and increase labor costs.

Installation Timeline and Permits

Your contractor should not hesitate in obtaining all required permits before starting on your tech-bloc paving project. If you have an HOA, be sure to get the project approved by your HOA board.

Installation time will vary according to the square feet, the style of pavers, and your contractor’s availability. Call today for a consultation to get a time estimate specific to your needs.

Techo-Bloc Maintenance

The best part about tech-bloc pavers is that they require little to no maintenance. You can spray them down every so often to remove dust and build-up from the outside elements. Then, every few years, you may get them resealed if needed.

The color-consistent technology will keep its vibrancy. Because they are manufactured stones, they will not erode with time and weather exposure. Your techo-bloc pavers will look new for years to come!

Contact a Techo-Bloc Paver Contractor in New Jersey

Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is skilled in installing techo-bloc pavers. Our contractors love to work with the product and only hear raving reviews from homeowners. When investigating how much do techo-bloc pavers cost, don’t forget to research your contractor. No matter how high-quality the product, you won’t get the desired results if you choose a cheap and inexperienced contractor.

You can trust that our expert contractors know precisely what it takes to install techo-bloc pavers. Ask questions about the process and look for transparency in the answers. A contractor should display their competency in the initial meetings and leave you feeling confident. Contact our team today to set up the first meeting.

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