Aug 17, 2021 : James Hardie Siding Installation Costs to Consider

James Hardie siding is a trusted brand in the siding industry. These premium siding materials are made of cellulose fibers that are carefully put together to create strength and durability in these fiber cement boards. The boards are hearty and cannot be penetrated by normal wear and tear. They are built to last decades with quality shining through on year 25, the same as day one.

When you are considering how much does it cost to install James Hardie siding, think about the benefits that are offered with the guaranteed materials. Hardie board siding costs are more than the material cost for wood siding. Wood siding also doesn’t last as long and quickly shows weather and peeling from harsh weather.

James Hardie siding also displays its quality in the unique color offerings. When you choose lap siding or vertical siding, your house can represent your style on the outside in the same way it does on the inside. Let’s take a look at some features of James Hardie siding that affect the cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Install James Hardie Siding?

It is always best to meet with several contractors for free estimates.

How much does it cost to install James Hardie siding? And is it worth that cost? Homeowners and contractors alike agree that you will get back 80% of your investment when your house is up for resale with James Hardie siding. Let’s take a look at the siding’s superior qualities:

Fantastic Warranty

An unmatched warranty covers Hardie board siding installation and siding materials. If you choose a color option that is manufactured, the color is guaranteed to last 50 years without having to paint. That is a massive benefit to the siding.

The lap siding and all styles are also guaranteed up to 30 years with the warranty, and it heavily depends on proper installation. When you partner with a contractor like Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, you will see we are very experienced with James Hardie siding and ensure that your warranty will be valid after our installation.

Fire Resistant

The materials are made of sand and cement, which means they are not flammable. So when a fire occurs in your home, the siding will not add to the fire. Wood siding can fuel the fire and make the home burn faster. With James Hardie siding, your home has hope.

Pest Resistant

Woodpeckers, carpenter ants, and termites are no match for James Hardie siding. So how much does it cost to install James Hardie siding? Less than it costs to replace your siding every few years because pests have destroyed it.

Weather Resistant

Severe storms can lead to rain, hail, high winds, and damaging temperatures. But, with James Hardie siding, you can be confident that the durable materials will outlast all of those elements working against them. While vinyl or wood siding comes loose and rips off with high winds, James Hardie siding will stay secure when installed correctly.

Next-Level Curb Appeal

The vibrant colors offered by James Hardie make for beautiful siding that is sure to attract the admirable glances of everyone who walks by. Your home will shine, displaying quality and beauty when James Hardie siding is represented.

This type of siding is going to yield results that are unlike any other vinyl siding that you’ve seen. How much does it cost to install James Hardie siding? When you see all of these benefits, you will calculate how quickly you will see your return on investment in home value and little to no maintenance costs.

Other Factors

If you are looking for the cost to install fiber cement siding, some other varying factors come into play:

Square Feet

How much does it cost to install James Hardie siding? Well, that depends on the required amount of square foot to install. Calculate your price per square foot and determine if you would like siding on the whole house or just part of it.


Where you live in the country will determine how much you should expect to pay in installation costs. Compare and contrast contractor estimates in your local community to get fair assessments. For example, installation costs in California will be different from installation costs in Chicago.

Material Composition

The fiber cement siding is heavy and takes careful handling. This affects the labor costs when your contractor needs special training to handle and cut the James Hardie siding. An expert team will handle it with care, following the warranty guidelines by placing it on the house at a certain distance from the roof and the ground.

If you find a contractor who is not familiar with the unique materials that James Hardie has to offer, look elsewhere. You need a premier contractor to work with such a premium product.


James Hardie siding is offered in a variety of styles, some of them requiring design intricacies during the installation process. For example, the lap siding or vertical siding is a design choice that will set your home apart and help it to stand out.

You can add textured panels or colors that are vibrant and top-of-the-line. You can also paint James Hardie siding in the same way you can paint vinyl siding. However, if you choose to paint it your own custom color, you may have to repaint it after 15 years.

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Don’t forget to find the right contractor when researching how much does it cost to install James Hardie siding. An experienced contractor with Hardie board will know just what it takes to install it correctly and allow it to live up to its potential. Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group can help you with your James Hardie siding project. Contact us today to set up your first appointment.

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