Aug 02, 2021 : Andersen Window Installation Services: Advantages and Costs

Andersen windows have built a name for themselves as quality window replacements at reasonable prices. How much are Andersen windows? Talk to our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group for all the information you need. There are a lot of pieces that go into determining the cost of your new window installation. Let’s break it down.

How Much Are Andersen Windows?

You will find a general price range that Andersen offers depending on window styles, sizes, and types. For example, large picture windows will cost more than bedroom windows. So how much are Andersen windows? Take a look at some styles and the differences offered:

Awning Windows

These gorgeous windows hinge from the top, with a handle that folds in to leave room for blinds or window coverings. The seal is top-notch, eliminating drafts and saving you on your energy bill. The look of the awning windows is high-class, allowing you to ventilate your home without letting in rain or harsh weather.

Picture Windows

Andersen is known for minimizing the outside border of their windows so that you can maximize the glass for picturesque views. Imagine walking into a grand room with a wall-to-wall window letting in the natural light and natural views from the outside. It’s breathtaking.

Casement Windows

You can hinge out your window from the side with casement windows, with a premium handle that folds in, allowing space for blinds or window coverings. The benefits of casement windows include an unobstructed view of the outside, a cottage-like style, and ease of cleaning the inside and outside of your window.

Bay and Bow Windows

The solid wood frame interior is built for unmatched quality, while the outside is vinyl and resistant to peeling or rot. Your home can maximize the view of your outside while creating a 3D look into the exterior of your home. With bay windows, you have light coming in from multiple angles to lift your room to the next level of beauty and comfort.

Wood Windows

Andersen windows offer wood windows, and while they do come with some maintenance, they are a popular style. So if you aren’t dazzled by the manufactured look of vinyl windows, know that wood windows are a classic option.

When it comes to how much are Andersen windows, the window ranges can depend on the series offered as well. For example, the 100 series is the biggest bang for your buck and the most affordable windows, while the 400 series provides higher quality products with more energy efficiency. Look into their Architectural series for the most premier offerings.

Andersen Window Series

With the basic 100 series starting at more than $200 per window and the premium architectural series costing $1,000 or more per window, you can make a rough calculation of your window replacement project. Do not forget to calculate labor from a premier installation team. Take a look at each series:

Anderson 100 Series

These trusted windows are the most affordable Andersen offerings. They are made of Fibrex, a high-quality material known to be eco-friendly and outlast harsh weather conditions. Fibrex is a blend of wood fibers and thermoplastic PVC polymer and is an excellent alternative to standard vinyl windows.

The windows are low-maintenance, resistant to peeling or decaying over time. And they come in darker colors, which is not an option with standard vinyl windows.

Andersen 200 Series

The next level up is the energy-saving 200 series windows. The glass is meant to keep the outside air from coming in. The exterior vinyl or wood material is low-maintenance and high-quality. Interior colors can be light or dark, and the wood options can be stained to match your home’s interior decorating.

Andersen 400 Series

If you’d like to step up the design of your home by adding modern windows, the 400 series is the right pick for you. These high-quality windows come in wood or vinyl. In addition, you can tilt the windows in for easy cleaning.

Architectural Series

These premium windows are the best performing windows that Andersen has ever offered. Their triple-pane glass with HeatLock technology provides greater energy efficiency than ever before. In addition, you can customize these windows with trim, colors, and premium designs guaranteed to impress.

Now that you know more about each series, you can understand how much are Andersen windows and how the series you select can affect the final Andersen window prices. Are you replacing windows in a rental property, or are you on a budget? Are you looking for stunning windows that will increase the value of your home? Consider your situation before choosing which series you would like.

Renewal by Andersen

And finally, when researching how much are Andersen windows, do not forget to consider Renewal by Andersen. This program is a full-service option to replace all windows and doors in your home. Be sure to hire a trusted installer for these windows. The price is higher for replacement windows, which is why it is vital to hire the right team to maximize the value of the windows.

A team will come out and measure all of your windows, order the replacement custom to size, and replace them with high-quality Fibrex windows. This material is proven to be energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Customers who choose Renewal by Andersen notice instant improvements in keeping the cold out during the winter months and letting in maximized natural lights. Homeowners, real estate agents, and contractors are all satisfied with the quality of Andersen windows.

In Summary

As you find out how much are Andersen windows, you will discover how many people have been happy with their choice to go with the brand. When you have several product lines, exterior colors, and customizations to choose from, you can find the right look for your home. New windows will modernize your home, bringing in natural light and emphasizing clean, white lines inside and outside your home.

You can vastly improve your home’s curb appeal when you add Andersen windows, not to mention your return on investment when you list a home for sale with new windows. Find a trusted team today and ask them to tell you how much are Andersen windows.

Contact a Trusted Contractor for Andersen Window Installations

Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is qualified to install your Andersen windows. As you research how much are Andersen windows and all of the aspects that go into calculating the price, do not forget to include an expert contractor. Your windows are only as good as the installation quality. Contact our team today to guarantee a seamless replacement window installation.

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