Oct 27, 2018 : In the Market for Vinyl Siding? NJ’s Magnolia Home Remodeling Suggests Prodigy, Charter Oak or Pelican Bay Shakes

In the United States, vinyl siding has become one of the most popular options for homeowners for a number of different reasons. For one thing, as with all siding options, vinyl siding eliminates the hassle involved with having to repaint a home once every 5 years or so. More specifically, compared to wood or other forms of siding, vinyl siding is attractive, durable, energy-efficient, and requires little to no maintenance. It is for these reasons that vinyl siding is one of the features many homebuyers look for when browsing for homes. According to the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau, “Out of 429,000 single family homes sold in 2013, 120,000 used vinyl siding as the principle type of exterior wall material, while only 12,000 used wood.”

 Magnolia Home Remodeling currently offers several top quality brands of vinyl siding NJ residents can adorn their homes with including Prodigy, Charter Oak, Pelican Bay Shakes, and Conquest.


Prodigy vinyl siding is one of the most evolved types of siding that is known by industry professionals as having the thickest foam on the market (up to 1 ½”). This foam helps homeowners prevent energy loss and wrap their homes in a thermal blanket during the cold winter season. Prodigy vinyl siding is also form fitting and features an interlocking panel design that ensures a tight fit with no tearing or rattling, even in extreme winds.

Charter Oak

The Charter Oak was the original product from Alside that was designed to combine the beautiful and authentic look of wood with unmatched durability. Tested to resist Category 5 hurricane winds, Charter Oak vinyl siding can help homeowners protect their homes for many generations to come.

Pelican Bay Shakes

Like the Charter Oak, Pelican Bay Shakes vinyl sidings have been tested to remain secure, even in Category 5 hurricane-velocity winds. Constructed from durable polymer, Pelican Bay Shakes will never crack, wrap, rot, split, or require re-painting. All Pelican Bay Shakes are also engineered to look handmade and come with a wide variety of color options.


As one of the most competitively priced vinyl siding products available, Conquest siding features a strengthening rolled up top nail hem for increased panel rigidity. Additionally, Conquest vinyl siding is available in several different colors and is very east to maintain, simply rinse with a house to preserve its low gloss finish. 

Vinyl siding is ideal for homeowners who want an attractive, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain product. To learn about all of Magnolia Home Remodeling’s different options for siding, NJ residents can visit their website at http://www.magnoliahomeremodeling.com/.

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