Sep 23, 2020 : Replacing Your Roof On A Budget

It sounds like a huge cost at first thought, but replacing your roof is possible on a budget. Whether you’re looking to prevent leaks or improve appearance, you can make it happen if you choose the right roofing contractor.

There’s a lot of benefit to replacing your roof, such as increasing your home’s resale value, investing in your own security, improving your home’s appearance, and even making it more energy efficient. And it’s easier than you think to minimize the costs.

The average cost of roof replacement projects in the US is between $5,347 and $10,538, according to HomeAdvisor. That’s a big range, and the team from Magnolia Home Remodeling understands you want to be mindful of costs, especially in these difficult times. Here’s what you can do:

Consider financing

If your project is an unforeseen roof replacement, for example in a case of extreme weather, you should always ask about financing options. This will help you know what your real budget is.

Don’t Change Your Mind after the Project Begins

One way to prevent unexpected costs is to avoid changing the project scope. Changes to scope might also end up delaying the project. Any good roofing contractor will point out unseen damage that was not discovered during the initial inspection, but that should be the only thing to affect the pace of the project once it’s begun.

Start with a Project Outline

Proper planning can save you time and money, and the last thing you want to do is to make unsustainable decisions. You should be aware of:

  • The size of your house
  • The roofing materials
  • Your roof’s pitch
  • The severity of the damage (if any)

Once you have all the information you need, you should contact several roofing contractors to get a rough estimate of the overall cost of the job, and only then hire the best for you.

Time for a new roof? We’re here to help.

​Magnolia Home Remodeling began as a family business committed to working closely with every client to do great work. Choose New Jersey’s best family-owned and operated home remodeling and roofing contractor for your next renovation project and learn why we have a reputation for client satisfaction. Call us today at (855) 624-6655 or visit our website for a free estimate.

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