Jun 15, 2018 : Tips On Siding And Trim To Beautify Your New Jersey Home For Spring

There’s a reason why so many homeowners in New Jersey make changes to siding and trim, especially around springtime. To begin with, there are now all kinds of options and materials available, all of which can beautify a home instantly. Secondly, a lot of these siding installations actually end up saving you money, while offering better insulation. Here are a few tips on siding and trim options that can help trigger your imagination and give you an idea of how different your home can be if you want it to.

Vinyl siding

This is a great money-saver, not simply because it costs almost 26 percent less than aluminum and 11 percent less than cedar siding, but because new materials now give this siding a low-gloss finish that resembles painted wood, with foam insulation to reduce energy bills. When it comes to siding in New Jersey homes, more than a third of the exterior cladding installed on new and existing homes is vinyl, because of vast improvements that have been made in the quality of products now available. Here’s the best part: Manufacturers offer lifetime siding warranties that are transferrable!

Fiber cement siding

This is for New Jersey homeowners who prefer strength as well as beauty. Fiber Cement Siding matches the look of painted wood clapboard while braving the elements without a fuss. This siding is engineered for climate change, with siding panels primed or available in a variety of colors that cost less than natural wood siding. They are also fire and pest resistant, which accounts for their popularity with architects as well as homeowners. Fiber cement siding products also resist water absorption that prevents damage from mold, swelling and cracking.

Trim makes a difference

Think of trim as the addition of a stunning necklace to your outfit. It lifts the look instantly, with a minimum amount of fuss. Exterior trim can breathe new life into an old New Jersey home, or give a new home a radically different look almost instantly. Homeowners can now choose not just from types of decorative exterior trim like gingerbread trim, dentil molding, or a gable pediment, but trim that complements an architectural style in materials that are lightweight, long-lasting and easy to shape.

Call Magnolia for more tips

Magnolia Home Remodeling offers all kinds of siding and trim and has helped beautify homes in New Jersey for 25 years. Call us today for an estimate or advice on how we can make your home prettier this spring.

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