May 23, 2018 : Magnolia Home Remodeling Provides Five Tips for Environmentally Friendly Roofs In NJ


There are ways to make just about any part of your home more “green,” and that definitely goes for your roof as well! Environmentally friendly roofs in NJ are entirely achievable, whether you’re building new or working with an existing roof.


Our Magnolia Home Remodeling team have some simple suggestions for anyone who is interested in creating environmentally friendly roofs in NJ, without too much hassle.


Five Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Roof


1- Consider the building materials.


If you’re building new, you can make a lot of difference with your choice of materials. Try to avoid products that involve petroleum, such as asphalt tiles. Natural options are completely viable, such as wood tiles, or stoneclay. Clay is a great option for its insulation properties, although it is relatively heavy.


2- Have a light-colored roof.


This is just basic physics. A white or otherwise light-colored roof will reflect away a lot more sunlight -and heat- than a dark roof. Over the years, that will translate into significantly less energy spent on air conditioning.


3- Install daylighting.


Daylighting uses relatively inconspicuous tubes to capture sunlight and funnel it into the rooms of your house. This creates wonderful indoor lighting effects, as well as reducing your need for artificial electric light during the daytime. This is a feature that can also be very attractive to the right buyer if you’re looking to sell in the future!


4- Use water barrels.


Rather than allowing rainwater to simply run off into the ground, use barrels to capture it and put it to future use, such as for watering your plants or cleaning objects outside. This will reduce your water bills, as well as strain on your water treatment plant. One caveat: Some municipalities have limitations on collecting rainwater. Check with your local city housing officials to see if there are any regulations you should be aware of.


5- Always maintain your roof.


A poorly-maintained roof, with holes or other worn-out elements, will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your insulation and air-conditioning systems. In turn, that drives up your energy use, as well as your energy bills. Spending a small amount of money maintaining your roof will definitely pay off in the long run, both for yourself and for the planet.


Turn to Magnolia Home Remodeling for Great Environmentally Friendly Roofs In NJ


We have over 25 years’ experience as a home contractor in NJ, working on roofs as well as other areas of your house. If you want to be eco-friendlier, we’re more than happy to help! Contact us today to talk about your ideas.

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