Oct 27, 2018 : Treat Your Home To A Facelift With The Vinyl Siding Contractor NJ Homeowners Trust

The exterior of the home is the first thing people notice when they pull up to the curb, and a great looking exterior makes homeowners proud of their investment. There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding how to cover the exterior of your home, from traditional wood or brick to more advanced materials, like vinyl siding. With avinyl siding contractor NJ homeowners can update the exterior of their homes at a cost comparable to other materials, while receiving the immense benefits vinyl offers. Magnolia Home Remodeling has all your vinyl siding and home remodeling needs covered.


For a vinyl siding contractor NJ weather is a serious concern. Cold winter temperatures and sweltering summer heat warps wood on older homes, and causes stress fractures in the mortar on brick homes. The only material that stands up to the extreme weather conditions of New Jersey is vinyl siding. The latest advancements in vinyl technology created a lightweight siding, like those from Charter Oak, which is rated for winds up to 200 mph. The siding also includes temperature resistance that will not change the shape or fade the color of the home’s exterior.

Energy Efficiency

Though homeowners tend to focus on windows and doors as the primary leak points for conditioned air, the reality is that the home’s exterior is a much greater problem. Issues arise when the outside air meets the exterior walls and attempts to normalize the temperature through the process of heat transfer. Insulated vinyl siding stops the transfer of heat from outside air to the home, which keeps the interior cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. By regulating the heat transfer more efficiently, vinyl siding homeowners reduce energy costs and save money.


One of the biggest problems with old siding or wood is that weather and sunlight cause significant damage over time, demanding an exterior paint job every few years. The cost of repainting the exterior can run into the thousands, a substantial amount of money throughout the lifetime of a home. Vinyl siding on the other hand never needs to be painted. Modern coloring techniques for vinyl create vibrant colors that look great even decades after the installation.


In years past, homeowners had limited choices when it came to vinyl siding; however, the newest siding is available in dozens of hues that will match the personality of the home and the neighborhood. For a more natural look, homeowners may choose a textured vinyl that has the same appearance as wood when seen from the street. Industry leaders, such as Prodigy and Pelican Bay, created Self-Concealing Seam Lock technology that hides all of the unsightly gaps between pieces of siding, giving the exterior a smooth finish all the way around.

Magnolia Home Remodeling is the vinyl siding contractor NJ homeowners turn to for remodeling and upgrades. For more information about the Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, visit www.magnoliahomeremodeling.com or call us at 855-624-6655.

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