Feb 14, 2022 : The Complete Guide to Alside Ascend Siding

When it comes to siding for your home, you want to do your due diligence in learning about all types before jumping into a huge investment. When you need replacement siding, choosing the best brand for the style you prefer, the lowest amount of maintenance, and durability through extreme weather conditions is essential.

As you research all types of siding, you may wonder, what is Alside Ascend siding? We will break down all you need to know in this article about this highly-rated siding that may be the right option for your siding replacement project. 

What Is Alside Ascend Siding?

What is Alside Ascend siding? It is a composite cladding siding that looks very similar to wood. Alside is an industry-leading brand in siding that is indestructible and long-lasting. Composite cladding is an innovative building material with a class A fire rating, which means it is fire resistant. Get the benefits of the look of wood without the dangers and upkeep. The wood-look material combines beauty and performance to provide homeowners with the low-maintenance siding of their dreams. 

When you research what Alside Ascend siding is, you will also discover the variety of colors that can make your house stand out among the rest as premium and on-trend. Boost your curb appeal with high-quality, color-rich siding that neighbors will envy.

In addition, Alside Ascend siding comes with warranties that show that the brand stands behind its product. Use Alside for your siding and know that your product will be replaced if it were to fade or become damaged due to hail damage. 

Continue reading to find out more about Alside Ascend siding and its warranties. 

Composite Cladding Defined

Composite cladding is a non-vinyl, non-cement material that rates highly in beauty, performance, and ease. As we introduce  Ascend composite cladding, let’s break down what Alside Ascend siding is. The material is made from a glass-reinforced polymer composite. 

This composite material aims to be a cost-alternative to fiber cement siding while offering a more authentic wood-like look and even lower maintenance. In addition, Ascend tolerates a high wind load, is moisture resistant, and doesn’t require cleaning or touch-up paint. 

When you discover what Alside Ascend siding is, you will be shocked to discover such a high-quality product at such a competitive price to such a high-quality product at a competitive price. 

How Is Composite Cladding Different from Fiber Cement?

Composite cladding siding has many benefits that make it just as durable and even better than fiber cement siding. Take a look: 

  • Appearance of Wood: Ascend’s appearance is appealing in more than just its similarity to wood. Even when you touch it, you can’t be sure it isn’t wood. Get the benefits of a classic wood siding without the maintenance troubles of peeling or warping. It is fire-resistant, which means you could save your home from fire damage by choosing Ascend siding. 
  • Fade-Resistant: Choose a bold color of siding that isn’t a paint job that will peel and discolor with time. The composite cladding siding is manufactured with the color that you choose and does not fade over time. So forget about hiring a painter to update your home every few years. That won’t be necessary with Alside Ascend. 
  • Lower-Cost: If you have looked into fiber cement siding options, you may know that the cost can be unrealistic for some homeowners. Alside Ascend is a great alternative that matches fiber cement in quality, ratings, and warranty while offering medium-level pricing. 
  • Easy to Install: The lightweight material interlocks for easy installation. Save on installation costs when you choose Ascend siding. You will pay less for labor when your contractors install Alside Ascend siding. 
  • Low Maintenance: With this composite cladding siding choice, the extent of expected maintenance is spraying down the side of your home every now and then. You won’t have to scrub or paint. The siding will stay looking brand new as the years go by. 

The glass fibers provide durability in the product without making it fragile. So what is Alside Ascend siding? It is a durable siding solution that combines beauty with a fiber cement alternative at a lower price point. 

The fade resistance will make all color options worthwhile, knowing you will not have to repaint your siding after so many years. The cost to keep the exterior of your home in good condition can really add up with wood or vinyl siding. With this composite cladding option, you will not have to hire professional painters to regularly touch up your home. 

Instead of the tedious installation process like that of fiber cement siding, the ease of installation is a huge selling point. In addition, contractors love to work with Alside Ascend siding, making sure they get the installation right so that the homeowner’s proper warranties are in place. 

Alside Ascend Siding Colors Option

With beauty and durability, Ascend’s overall value on the market is unmatched. When you choose composite cladding by Alside, you get top-of-the-line aesthetics  at a sensible price. The options include  20 different colors. 

No one wants a cookie-cutter house that looks exactly like every other home on the street. Instead, choose from a set of modern, vibrant colors to let your house stand out in a subtle and elegant way. Here are some examples of the colors offered:  

  • Almond
  • Pebble 
  • Flagship Brown
  • Cape Cod Gray
  • Laguna Blue
  • Fired Brick
  • Riviera Dusk
  • Deep Moss
  • Monterey Sand
  • Canyon Drift

As you sift through these bold gray, blue, tan, and green choices, you will be sure to find a color that catches your eye. Adorn your home with a top-of-the-line product that will never fade. 

So How Long Does It Take to Install?

Alside Ascend siding is made of a lightweight material that is easy to handle. In addition, the self-aligning stack lock features make it easy to snap into place without having to caulk or seal it. As a result, your project will require less crew and less time than the average siding installation. 

The average installation time for Alside Ascend siding is 3 days. When you combine the shorter installation with the smaller number of workers needed, you will see how costs can be kept low. So what is Alside Ascend siding? It is a  cheaper alternative to fiber cement siding without sacrificing quality. 

How Much Does Alside Ascend Siding Cost?

Alside Ascend siding offers a medium price between vinyl siding and fiber cement siding options. It is a great cost alternative with a lifetime warranty and performance ratings that match fiber cement siding. Meet with your trusted contractor to get a quote for Alside Ascend siding. 

Alside Ascend Warranty

What is Alside Ascend siding, and what are the warranty details? Ascend composite cladding siding comes with a lifetime warranty. It is wind-resistant, staying strong during winds up to 180 MPH, as well as fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, and fade-resistant. 

With high performance and easy installation, the warranty is an added bonus. The installation is essential to the terms of the warranty. Do not skimp on installation considering that it determines whether your product’s warranty will be guaranteed or not. When you choose a trusted contractor, you can be sure that the Alside Ascend warranty will benefit your siding project. 

Examples of Alside Ascend Projects By Magnolia Home Remodeling Group

Turn your home from drab to fab with Ascend composite siding. Recently, we have worked on replacement windows and Alside Ascend replacement siding on a home in the New Jersey area. The home was a regular white home, and now it is a bold blue/gray color that complements the brick house perfectly. 

Your home too can be a showstopper when you choose Alside Ascend siding. So choose the color of your dreams that will last for years to come. Pair the siding with newly painted shutters, and your home will look like one  you could find in a catalog. 

Other Alside Siding Products

Before you make a final decision on Alside Ascend, you can look to other siding options that may be right for your home. It is always best to research all possibilities so that you know what is best for your specific home. 

As you learn about Alside Ascend siding, make sure you also understand  the other options available. 

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding is a high-quality vinyl siding that is backed with a foam core. Not only is vinyl siding a great option for your home, but it also offers benefits to your home’s energy efficiency. The siding’s foam layer acts as a barrier that prevents air and moisture from penetrating your home, providing you with insulation from the outside elements. 

In the summer, it works to keep the heat outside. And in the winter, you can prevent the cold wind from making its way inside with insulated siding. 

On top of weather benefits, you also get protection from outside noise. The foam serves as a noise reduction layer. You may think that the foam layer could add a bulky look to your siding. In actuality, insulated vinyl siding offers a clean, sleek appearance. It is easy to install, and there is no room for gaps or uneven lines. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for long-lasting siding at an affordable price. Vinyl siding works best in warmer climates. It can come in a variety of colors, with reds, greens, and blues as the most popular options. Vinyl siding does not warp or catch fire like wood siding. It is a beautiful alternative to wood siding. 

One thing to consider with vinyl siding is that the color does fade over time. It is best to choose a lighter color so that you don’t have to worry about painting or replacing faded vinyl siding. Also, vinyl siding does not perform as well in freezing temperatures. If you live in a particularly cold place, you may want to go with a different option for siding. 

Specialty Siding

Veneer siding is an option that appears to look like brick or stone. This type of siding can be found at a lower price point than natural materials. It is beautiful and adds texture to the exterior of the home. Veneer siding can add the color and dynamics that you are looking for to transform your home’s curb appeal. 

The downside to veneer siding is that it can crack due to weather changes. Once the cracks appear, moisture gets underneath the siding, leading to leaks, mold, and evident weathering of the materials. Veneer siding is affordable but does not last as long as other kinds of siding. 

Steel Siding

Steel siding is growing in popularity. Not only does it provide a trendy and modern look to your home, but it is also one of the most durable materials out there. Steel repels insects, keeps your power bills down, and is 100% recyclable. 

People are choosing steel siding for their homes for durability. You do not have to replace steel siding, and most companies offer a 50-year warranty option. In addition, steel doesn’t absorb water and is therefore not vulnerable to mold or fungus growth. Steel does come at a higher price, but for good reasons.

Let Magnolia Install your Composite Cladding Siding Today, Get a Free Quote

Our team at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group wants to answer all of your questions regarding what Alside Ascend siding is. If you are feeling the weight of this decision, call on our expert installers to get our input on what may be the best siding choice for your home. If you are dedicated to a dark color, we can present you with current trends that will ensure that your home is the picture of modern beauty and charm. 

Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is a family-owned company that has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Each member of the team is dedicated to building a relationship with their clients as they assist with vital home improvement projects. When you partner with our Magnolia Team, you will see that our reputation is correct – they offer high-quality work at affordable prices. Contact us today to schedule time with a home remodeling team that you can trust. 

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