Dec 24, 2021 : Typical Bathroom Remodeling Time Frame

A bathroom remodeling project is one of the most tedious tasks you can undertake. You might think that one small bathroom is easy enough to renovate, but the electricity and plumbing make the project more complicated than others. Not to mention, a bathroom remodel can cause a huge disruption to your daily routine, especially if you only have one in your home.

For all of those reasons, it’s important to understand how long your bathroom renovation could take. Unfortunately, there isn’t one set timeline for all projects. The length of your remodel greatly depends on:

  • Its Current Condition
  • The Size
  • Changes Required
  • Your General Contractor
  • And More!

Are you still wondering, “how long does a bathroom remodel take?” Your bathroom could be under construction for an average of 2-3 weeks. However, this does not include the time it takes from planning to final inspection. That timeline could take anywhere from 6 weeks to several months, depending on permits and approvals. 

There are a few things to consider if you want to get a better idea of how long your specific project could take. First, you will want to look at a breakdown of how long each task would take. From there, you need to keep in mind the potential problems that could slow you down. We’ll go over all of that information in this article, so keep reading!

Break Down of Time Per Task

As you start to plan your bathroom remodel, you might struggle to choose between a full or partial renovation. While your budget should be a significant factor in your decision, the time per task should also play a role. If you want to minimize your downtime, prioritize your projects and choose based on this breakdown of time per task.

Demolition – 1 to 2 Days

The length of your demolition depends largely on how much you choose to change. If you are leaving the walls, you should expect your contractors to finish the demo in one day. For projects that require you to move walls around and remove all of the fixtures, it can take an average of two days.

Plumbing and Electricity – 2-3 Weeks

Assuming you don’t have any major plumbing and electrical problems to fix, you can expect this portion to be done in about two weeks. While your plumber and electrician can usually complete “rough” wiring and lines in about one day, inspections add to the time. Most inspections will be done the following week, unless you have scheduling problems.

Wall and Floor – 2 Weeks

The process to finish the walls takes about one week in total. This includes the insulation installation and inspection as well as the drywall installation and spackling. 

Your floor takes about a week, depending on the type of flooring you choose. Tile work is more time-consuming than laminate, so it will take the full week to lay the ceramic tile. That time includes reviewing the layout, installing the floor tiles, and grouting. 

Paint and Trim – 1 Week

When it comes time to paint the walls, you should expect the job to take about a week. The first day is spent sanding and priming. If time permits, the first coat of paint could be applied the first day, too. The next day is spent setting your vanity, installing doors, and adding trim. The rest of the week will be spent finishing the painting. 

Fixture Installations – 1 to 2 Days

Since the rough-in work was already completed, it won’t take long to get all of your fixtures installed. Whether you want to replace your toilet, tub, sink, or all of the above, it should only take a maximum of two days. That also includes the time it takes to add tapware, shelving, and drainage.

Accessories – 1 Day

When it comes down to adding the finishing touches, it should only take a day. This is the point where you would add your toilet paper holder, hand towel rail, bath towel hooks, shower rods, and more. It’s one of the quickest and easiest tasks in a bathroom remodel.

Common Delays to Expect

The above timeline is what you could expect in a perfect world. In the real world, it could be much different. As with most home remodeling projects, there are several problems that could arise throughout your bathroom renovation. In fact, the following are just a few of the most common delays you could face:

  • Permit Delays: The permit process is one of the biggest hurdles you might have to jump. Most cities require permits and inspections for any construction projects. If the permit office is overwhelmed, this could drastically drag out the time it takes to get your green light.
  • Back Orders: Supply chain issues could easily put your project on hold. The longer you have to wait for tile or a light fixture, the longer your remodel will take. The lead time for a special order can also impact your renovation timeline.   
  • Mold or Mildew: If your renovation has uncovered a hidden mold or mildew problem, you’ll have to take a detour. Mold remediation is a tedious process, but it’s important to resolve the issue before you finish the bathroom. 
  • Outdated Plumbing: Your demolition can also uncover plumbing problems. You will need to replace rotted lines in order to pass the plumbing inspection.  
  • Subcontractor Schedules: Hiring a contractor can put you at their mercy. Subcontractor schedules can quickly slow things down, so it’s important to hire the right team for the job. 

Find Out More About Your Bathroom Remodel Time Frame

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