Oct 28, 2018 : Why James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding for New Jersey Homes is the Premium Option

When you want long lasting beauty and protection against some of the country’s harshest weather, only the best home siding option will do. The premium option is James Hardie fiber cement siding for New Jersey homes, here´s why architects, builders, and remodeling prefer this type of siding.


An Overall Great Product


James Hardie fiber cement siding is available in a wide range of the style options, allowing homeowners to better personalize their home while protecting it from environmental damages, such as rot, wind and debris damage, and sun exposure. It is also low maintenance when compared to other siding options, requiring repainting only every 15 years or more.


Over 100 Years and Still Going Strong


More than 100 years ago, a man named James Hardie wanted a siding material that not only looked good, but could withstand the intense climate conditions in Australia. Made almost entirely out of sand and cement, James Hardie siding has stood the test of time. Today, these premium siding options are customized for each climate for even greater protections.


Protection in All Climates


A home baking in the Arizona sun requires different protection than a home in an area of bitter winters and year round rain/snow. The makers of James Hardie fiber cement siding for New Jersey homes tailor the siding to ensure the best protection against moisture and the freeze/thaw cycle of the area.


Not only will it protect your home from weather damages caused by heavy precipitation and strong winds, this durable material is also resistant to:





Beautiful Options for Every Home


James Hardie siding offers homeowners many opportunities to customize the outside of their home. There are several styles to pick from, including:


Precut Panels

Vertical Slates


Lap Boards

Homeowners can also choose between any number of factory applied colors or finishes, or they may opt for primed panels that they can paint with their favorite color. When expertly installed, James Hardie siding can be indistinguishable from wood or vinyl.


A 50 Year Warranty


When it comes to investing in your biggest asset, your home’s siding makes a huge impact. However, you want to make sure the investment will be worth it for the long haul. Installing James Hardie fibers cement siding, in one way to ensure your long term investment.


You can rest easy knowing that the products come with a 50-year warranty on both parts and labor. There is also an additional 15-year warranty on the finish.


To learn more or to request your free consultation for installing James Hardie fiber cement siding for New Jersey homes, please call Magnolia Home Remodeling today and ask about our in-home financing.

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