Feb 21, 2022 : High-End Siding Showdown: Alside ASCEND Vs. Hardie Siding

One of the most dreaded home improvement projects is replacement siding for your home. Many homeowners watch as their existing siding continues to deteriorate, putting off the need for investing in replacement siding., it is a significant investment, and you don’t want to make the wrong choice. So how do you get the best bang for your buck? 

The great thing about choosing a premium siding brand is that you have options between two really great brands in Alside Ascend and Hardie siding. With a lifetime warranty for each brand and innovative building material, you will find both to be satisfactory. But what are the differences between the Hardie fiber cement siding and the composite cladding in Alside Ascend? 

Let’s take a closer look at Alside Ascend vs. Hardie siding. 

What Is Alside ASCEND?

Alside Ascend siding is a composite cladding made from glass fibers, polymers, polystyrene, and graphite. These materials combined create a durable siding that is fire-resistant, wind-resistant, and fade-resistant. Alside Ascend combines beauty, performance, and ease of installation. 

Alside Ascend is also very low maintenance, requiring zero to no maintenance. As a result, you don’t have to worry about repainting the siding. Instead, your house will appear as if the siding was recently installed, even years later. In addition, the siding has a Class A fire rating, providing your home with protection from fire damage. 

This graphite-infused polystyrene is easy to install, requiring fewer workers and a shorter install time than other premium brands. In addition, the pieces lock into one another without the need for flashing or caulking to keep them in place. 

Today’s homeowners demand premium siding with a lifetime warranty at an affordable price. This is where Alside Ascend steps in with composite cladding products that compete nose-to-nose with the more expensive fiber cement competitors. 

What Is Hardie Siding?

Hardie siding has been a leading brand of siding for years. They have established a name in the industry with maintenance-free siding that provides your home with a beautiful curb appeal. 

The fiber cement material has proven to be durable, lasting decades without having to replace or repaint the siding. The siding materials are pretty heavy, being made of cement. And the installation process is very detailed and requires extra workers to handle the products with care. 

Hardie siding is better than vinyl siding in that it doesn’t dent or break. The color-stay formula keeps the color you choose bold and polished for years after installation. Hardie siding is a leading brand in the siding industry. 

Hardie siding is fire-resistant and storm-resistant. In addition, the siding can withstand high-speed winds and hail, protecting your home through the most extreme weather conditions. This will provide peace of mind, knowing that Hardie siding will not fly off with the wind. 

What’s the Difference Between Alside Ascend and Hardie Siding?

While it’s essential to learn about Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding, know that both brands are luxury siding products. Fiber cement has proven itself over the years to be a durable material that looks fantastic on your home for decades. the composite cladding by Alside has also been tested and is backed by a lifetime warranty for quality and durability. 

So what are the main differences between Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding? 

  • Price: Alside Ascend offers a comparable product at a more affordable price than Hardie siding. You get a product that will last a lifetime, won’t fade, and outlast all weather conditions without paying top-of-the-line prices. 

With Alside Ascend, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll need to replace the siding in a few years or hire a professional painter to touch up your home. Your home will continue to stand out as the beautiful home on the block with the bold color of your choice. It will not fade with time and you will not have to scrub off mold or grime. When it comes to Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding, you get the biggest bang for your buck when you choose Alside Ascend. 

  • Installation: Hardie siding is known for its extensive installation process. Each Hardie plank installer must certify and train in the installation procedures to ensure that the warranty coverage remains in place. 

If you were to install Hardie siding yourself, the warranty may not cover your product if not installed as required. A trained professional should install it in order to keep your product covered under warranty. 

On the other hand, when discussing Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding, Alside Ascend can be easier to install. This is because the lightweight materials do not require as many workers during the installation process. Additionally, the pieces lock into each other without having to seal or caulk the pieces into place. 

When you look at the main differences between Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding, it seems like Alside Ascend may be the better choice for price and installation, but Hardie is still a top choice. As Ascend continues to grow in popularity, Hardie siding may have some competition for reputation and quality. 

What Is the Cost Difference Between Hardie and Ascend?

Hardie siding has built a name in the industry. However, because of its proven quality, the extensive installation process, and the cost of labor, you can expect to pay a premium price for Hardie siding. On the other hand, Alside Ascend siding is more expensive than vinyl siding options but cheaper than Hardie siding. Therefore, Ascend offers an alternative cost option for premium, low-maintenance siding. 

You can expect to find a fluctuation of prices based upon: 

  • How much siding do you need to cover your home? The prices are usually calculated per square foot. The more square feet you need to cover, the higher the cost will be. If your home is a mixture of brick and siding, then your cost may be lower. if the home is solely siding, you can expect to pay a higher price to cover the entire exterior of your home. 
  • The length of installation and labor costs. Remember, with Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding, Alside Ascend offers a simpler installation process and, therefore, a shorter installation time. When you pay your installation team by the hour, the cost is much lower than Hardie siding with its extensive and complicated installation procedures. 
  • Any additional fees for materials or color choice. You may have extra costs for the materials if you choose a premium color choice or choose to match the trimming to your siding choices. Ask your installer about additional fees that may come up along the way. 

Look into Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding and find price comparisons for your area. On the whole, you will find that Hardie is more expensive than Alside Ascend. But you may determine that it is worth the cost for your particular situation. 

Which Siding Is Better?

When it comes down to it, you are the one to decide which siding is better. If you are more comfortable choosing a product that has been on the market long enough to stand the test of time, then Hardie siding is the product for you. 

Alside is an established name as well in the siding industry, with high-quality and highly-rated vinyl siding options. Remember, Ascend requires minimal maintenance. The high performance and easy installation point to an easy decision when the price is right. Because of these factors, Ascend may be the right choice for your family home. 

As you make this vital home improvement decision, you can’t go wrong with Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding. First, weigh the pros and cons, and then decide on the color of your dreams. You will find a variety of bold colors in each brand, including browns, grays, deep red, dark green, and sand colors. Next, decide which color is best for your personality. 

Imagine turning onto your block and looking up at your house in a moment of awe when you install new siding on your home in the color of your dreams, your home will always give you a warm welcome that you desire at the end of a long day. There is nothing better than investing in your home and experiencing the happiness of your home upgrade. You can also enjoy the return on investment when it’s time for resale. 

Whether It’s Harding or Ascend, Let Magnolia Install Your High-End Siding

Are you ready to replace the siding on your home? Let our Magnolia Home Remodeling Group help you decide Alside ASCEND vs. Hardie Siding. While both have incredible benefits, we can help you choose the right product for your budget and priorities. Siding is the number one home improvement project that will transform the exterior of your home from ordinary to unforgettable. 

When you hire a trusted team like Magnolia, you will get a family-owned company that has been in the home remodeling industry for over 30 years. We prioritize building life-long relationships with our clients, ensuring your satisfaction so that we can continue to work together for years to come. So stop putting off your home improvement project. Call Magnolia Home Remodeling Group today to schedule your siding replacement. 

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