Sep 01, 2019 : How to Find the Right Windows for Your Region

Whether you live in a coastal area and deal with heavy winds coming up off the shore or you reside in the North and face cold winters each year; it’s essential to find windows that will fit your unique regional needs. Windows from trusted brands such as Pella offer a wide range of materials and styles to choose from.

The experts at Magnolia Home Remodeling have come up with a few ways to narrow down your window selection based on the region that you live in.

Consider changes in temperature

For those who live in the Northeast, the temperature can drastically fluctuate as the seasons change. This means that you need to select windows that can combat both the cold and the heat while offering the amount of light and style you’re looking for. Pella windows offer energy-efficient options such as their InsulShield Advanced Low-E glass that will adapt to the cold and warm months, saving you money on heating and air conditioning bills.

Protect yourself against dangerous weather conditions

Homeowners in the Midwest, as well as those along the coast, know the dangers of high winds and the potential of natural disasters such as hurricanes.  Pella windows offer HurricaneShield glass for residents in regions such as New Jersey who need the peace of mind that comes with adequate home protection.

Let the light in

In the warm weather, homeowners often fear excess light streaming through their windows and drastically increasing the temperature inside their home. Pella windows are equipped with innovative SunDefense glass, which protects your home against UV rays while allowing a moderate amount of light to stream in and brighten the space.

Show off the view

If you live in a scenic region such as a city located along a coastline, windows will play a major role in beautifying your home and showcasing the scenery outside. Brands such as Pella not only offer innovative technology that can protect your home against harsh weather conditions; but they also offer a range of style options such as large casement windows, which can help highlight this stunning feature of your home.

The Magnolia Home Remodeling Team Can Help

For more advice on selecting the perfect windows for your home, the knowledgeable team at Magnolia Home Remodeling is happy to answer all your questions. Call us today at (855) 624-6655 to speak to one of our experts and get a free estimate for your window installation!

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