Aug 28, 2019 : Home Improvement – 5 Ways to Prepare for Home Remodeling

So, you’ve decided to remodel your home. You’re excited for all the changes to come, and you’re wondering what your next move is. It is essential to think about the things that you can do to prepare your home for a successful remodel before contractors begin your renovations.

The team at Magnolia Home Remodeling has you covered with a 5-step checklist that will put your New Jersey home in the best position for home improvement contractors to get to work.

Home Improvement Preparation Checklist

  1. Clear the space that will be undergoing renovations

Before contractors can begin their work, it is important to clear any wall hangings and furniture that may get in the way of the job. This will not only make the work go more smoothly, and possibly faster, but you will also be able to continue using your furniture in other rooms while renovations are taking place.

  1. Get creative with your temporary living areas

Use the time in between establishing a design plan and getting home improvement contractors in the door to plan multifunctional living areas in your house that will make up for lost space during renovations. For example, you may need to move your television and a comfortable chair into the bedroom for the time being, so that you have a temporary living room.

  1. If you have pets, create safe areas for them

Home improvements can often come with loud noises and dangerous equipment. Pets can be easily startled by the chaos surrounding major renovations. Find a space in your home where you can let your pets safely roam around, that is blocked off from areas that are being remodeled.

  1. Make room in your garage for large deliveries

Before extensive renovations begin, it is important to clear some space in your garage and other areas where home improvement contractors may need to deliver materials.

  1. Prepare meals and buy disposable dishes

The kitchen is an especially inconvenient space to have remodeled. It is important to prepare your meals based on how long renovations are due to last, and consider moving a toaster, microwave or other portable cooking equipment to another room. Additionally, renovations can cause a large mess, and without access to a kitchen, it will be difficult to wash your dishes. If your kitchen is undergoing major renovations, disposable dishes may be the easiest option for dining.

Our Home Improvement Contractors Can Help

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