Jul 23, 2021 : 5 Benefits of CertainTeed Shingles

Before you embark on buying shingles for your home, you’ll want to make sure the investment is worth it. A roof can last 30 years when you choose the right materials. Have you ever learned where to buy CertainTeed shingles? Read more to learn about the high-quality materials for your roof replacement project. Also, feel free to contact us at Magnolia Home Remodeling Group if you need additional information.

1. Durable Material

When looking where to buy CertainTeed shingles, consider the top-quality aspects of the product. These asphalt shingles are the heaviest of their kind, providing coverage against wind, hail, and other damaging elements.

The shingles are backed by an excellent warranty that shows the confidence the company has in its product. You can choose an extended warranty for up to 50 years. The contract relies on proper installation, which is why it’s so important to partner with a reliable contractor in which you can find where to buy CertainTeed shingles.

2. Tri-Layer Coverage

The long-lasting materials used for a CertainTeed roofing project are unmatched. With 3 layers of protection, you can count on your roof lasting through the most extreme weather.

The shingles consist of multiple parts:

The Underlayment

This protective sheet is made of waterproof material. They offer a winter-friendly underlayment or another option for warmer climates. You can also choose a combination of both, deciding on which underlayment is best for your home.

Starter Shingles

The flat shingles line the eaves of your home. These will add an extra layer to protect against ice, winds, and rain. These edge pieces are most vulnerable to the elements, and CertainTeed has the solution to protect those areas.

CertainTeed Shingles

Did you know where to buy CertainTeed Shingles and all of the customizations offered? These asphalt shingles come in over 300 combinations of size, shape, and colors. You can truly customize your roof with this high-quality product that will last decades.

The colors are unique, and 3 different shingle options allow you to choose what will work best for the location of your home. CertainTeed is a premium product that is installed with long-term success in mind.

Ridge Vent

These unique shingles are vital to roof installations. You need to properly vent the attic so your home can be protected while allowing for ventilation. These special shingles are the perfect combinations of allowing inside air out while keeping the harsh elements from coming inside.

Ridge and Hip Shingles

These specialty shingles are all about covering gaps and vents. You can customize the shingles to fit your home and seal up the spots that are vulnerable to leaks.

When an inspector checks out your shingles, they are not inspecting the look of the roof. Instead, they are looking for damage caused by wind, hail, and ice. CertainTeed shingles prove to hold up nicely in the event of a powerful storm.

3. Building Knowledge Blog

If you are looking where to buy CertainTeed shingles, one advantage of the company is their outreach to their contractors and homeowners. You can subscribe to their blog to find wall-to-wall solutions for your CertainTeed roofing project. In addition, you will find tips in the Knowledge Blog to read, like installation tips and news about labor shortages in the industry.

The CertainTeed blog allows contractors to sharpen their knowledge on working with the product and share the easy-to-understand tips with their homeowners when offering the product. In addition, you can keep up with industry news during materials shortage and COVID-19.

4. CertainTeed Software

Another benefit when looking where to buy CertainTeed shingles is their writing tool allowing users to quickly write accurate steep and slope roofing specifications. These easy online tools are essential for job submittal packages for the client to see and understand. The comprehensive roofing specification writing hones the skills of the contractors and makes it easy to plan for the roofing job. The software can be used on computer monitors and mobile devices.

Imagine a ceilings product comparison tool that is easy to share with clients and draws up your vision when choosing between products. It’s fantastic! When creating specifications for job submittal, you can use the software for roofing specification for the job and steep and low slope calculations. Users can also verify actual product color to ensure the client is happy with the final product.

5. CertainTeed Connect

Think about where to buy CertainTeed shingles and research user experiences online. One of the favorite user features of the shingles is CertainTeed Connect. In one place, you can check your order progress, look up your bill, review your order history, get up-to-date pricing, and download shipping reports.

Whether your contractor is handling the ordering or yourself, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly where your product is and the price breakdown. CertainTeed Connect is another software tool that shows how the company uses technology to benefit its clients.

In Summary

You will find that where to buy CertainTeed shingles is a vital piece of securing the quality product. Not just any contractor can install these top-of-the-line shingles. Experts who install CertainTeed shingles will guarantee your shingles last for decades with no maintenance.

By combining the software and customer experience that CertainTeed offers with its unmatched quality, you will find your choice is easy to make. CertainTeed will give you the ease of experience that you need in such a significant home improvement investment.

When you choose CertainTeed, your home will be protected against high winds, hail, and storms. You will find that the energy efficiency inside your home improves after choosing 3 layers of protection with CertainTeed. In addition, your home’s value will rise with a top-quality roof that is unique and beautiful.

Contact Magnolia Home Remodeling

Investing in your roof replacement is a big decision to make, and you want to choose the right team. Quality work and durable products are vital pieces to a successful roof project. If you don’t know where to buy CertainTeed shingles, Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is a trusted CertainTeed contractor or distributor. When you put the two of us together, you will get the results that you desire. Contact us today.

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