Feb 22, 2020 : Commercial Roofing Problems and Solutions in NJ

Commercial Roofing Problems and Solutions

Many in New Jersey do not realize the differences in residential and commercial roofing, but it is important to realize they are not the same, there are differences between them, and they should be handled differently. The problems that NJ building owners face and the solutions to their commercial roofing problems also can vary from residential roofing installations especially with the wide range of temperatures and variations of New Jersey weather conditions.



Listed below you will find the most common problems building New Jersey business owners and facility managers face with their roofs.
  1. A Leaking Roof the most common commercial roofing problem today. The solution to a leaking roof is different in every situation. Metal roof, you may be able to patch or caulk the leak. Or it may be so pervasive that you have to replace entire metal panels to fix the leak. Most Foam roofs can usually be patched with caulk. 
  2. Blow offs are caused by winds that get underneath the roofing material and life it up off the roof deck. There is no “repair” you can make, only a replacement.
  3. Improper Installation If your was installed improperly there isn’t a whole lot of choice other than replacement. As with blow off, the best way to prevent this problem is to stop it before it occurs by only hiring a roofing company with a good reputation.
  4. Poor Roof Maintenance Stick to a scheduled maintenance plan. Performing inspections and maintaining your roof properly will avoid the need for roof replacement. Usually, by the time it your roof shows signs of wear and tear that are apparent, that roof may be too far gone for repair.
  5. Standing or Ponding Water There are a few options. 1.) purchase electric pumps to move the water to better drainage area. 2:)  raise that section of roof If you have access to the underside of the roof by adding more supports to eliminate the low spot or 3.) Install water barriers that do not let water flow to or rain fall on the area that is ponding. This is the most work, but outside of replacing the roof area with a more level roofing system, it is the most effective method.
  6. Punctures in the Roof Surface These can be patched or caulked depending on your roofing material. Both solutions are mere “bandaids” for the problem, but they will stop any leaks resulting from the puncture.
  7. Improper Repairs Basically, the roof experienced a problem, possible a leak, and it was repaired but was done incorrectly. Sometimes, you can identify where or how the repair was made improperly, undo the repair and redo it the right way. Sometimes not, in which case you may have to start over from scratch. Avoid this problem by hiring a contractor that is reputable and dependable.
  8. Blistering Roof Surface Occurs in single-ply roofs, foam roofs, and restoration coatings. The solution: cut out the blister and replace it. Blisters can often be pervasive, but they aren’t a huge concern if they appear.
  9. Shrinking Roof Surface Roofs shrink and expand depending on outside temperatures. This flexing causes the outer surface of the roof become damaged and create leaks. The solution is a roof coating, elastic enough to stretch with the roof as it flexes, which maintains its membrane and prevents leaks . If you don’t have a coating, you will need to monitor your roof and make repairs as necessary due to the shrinking.


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