Oct 14, 2022 : Five Signs Your Windows Are Ready to Be Replaced

Window replacement can feel like another home improvement project that is looming and expensive. But did you know that your old, cracked, single-pane windows may be costing you money by the minute? So when is it time to replace your old windows with new double-hung, double-pane windows? 

You will recognize many signs that have you looking into window replacement. New Jersey homeowners should read through the list to see if anything sounds familiar about the windows in their homes. It may just be time for a trusted team to introduce you to new, energy-efficient replacement windows for your home.

1. Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

The worst part about older windows is the air that sneaks through the brittle panes of glass, significantly increasing energy costs. In addition, many older windows are single-pane windows, which do not offer the coverage and seal that high-quality windows do. The purpose of windows is to keep the hot air out during the summer and the freezing air out during the winter. If the windows are no longer serving that purpose, it’s time for window replacement. 

Think of new windows as an investment. You should see a significant improvement in your utility bill once you have energy-efficient windows. In addition, window replacement offers new technology that wasn’t available in your old windows, such as composite window material that looks like wood with performance and maintenance advantages. Also, double-hung windows offer flexibility on which part of the window you want to open. 

2. Your Windows, Panes, or Seals Are Damaged or Decayed

Have you ever noticed condensation or a wet window sill after a heavy rainstorm? Condensation or water damage inside your home is a sign that your windows need replacing. Water damage can cause mold in your drywall and insulation. A damaged window can end up costing you hundreds of dollars in home repairs. 

It is crucial to seek window replacement at the first sign of damaged windows. Do not let outside elements into your home. Instead, choose windows that will keep your home safe and dry during an unexpected storm. 

3. Condensation Builds Up Between Panes of Glass

A tell-tale sign of needed window replacement is condensation accumulating in the existing windows. This often happens in double-pane windows in which you do not have the ability to clean up the condensation because it is between the panes. But what the condensation represents is more important. If air and water are getting in and manifesting between the panes, the elements are also getting into your home. 

Condensation is an indicator that the window has a damaged seal or crack. Unfortunately, window replacement is the only way to get rid of the water. 

4. You Can Hear More Outside Noise When Your Windows Are Closed

You may notice over time that you can hear the neighbors more and more. Do you have to pause your phone call when a car drives by? Can you hear kids outside playing and giggling? Inside your home, you should be able to enjoy silence and relaxation. However, if outside noise is breaching through your windows, it is time for window replacement. 

Invest in your quality of life by choosing windows that actually block noise. And remember, if you can hear the neighbors, they can hear you. Protect your privacy with window replacement. 

5. Your Double Pane Windows Feel Cold to the Touch

Have you been through a winter freeze and felt a draft from your windows? One way that you can detect that your windows are not performing to the best of their ability is to touch the glass. Double-pane windows should offer protection from the outside freeze. 

If the glass is cold to the touch, the cold temperatures are not stopping at the first line of defense, meaning your windows are no longer performing well. Imagine what it would be like to cozy up by the window inside your home and remain warm during the winter months. It is possible with window replacement in your New Jersey home. 

Why Is It Important to Replace Your Windows?

You have access to warmth, minimized utility bills, and silence when you invest in new windows and doors for your home. So stop settling on what you think is normal. Instead, make your home the best it can be by replacing your windows. Comfort inside your home is possible with window replacement. 

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Instead of putting off window replacement and paying massive energy bills each month, contact Magnolia Home Remodeling Group. Our trusted team can take care of your windows and doors to make sure your home is sealed and protected. 

For an added bonus, imagine the curb appeal boost your home would get with new, shiny windows on the exterior of your home. In addition, with updated windows, you do not have to worry about leaky windows, peeled paint, exposure to bugs, or other issues that lead to window replacement. New Jersey homeowners should contact Magnolia Home Remodeling Group today. 

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