Nov 21, 2019 : How an Autumn Roof Inspection Can Prepare Your Home for Winter in NJ

During the winter, your home endures extremely harsh weather conditions, putting the structure of your roof at risk, which can lead to potentially expensive repairs. For this reason, roof inspections should be done once in preparation for the winter, and once during the aftermath of the cold weather.

Our team of NJ roofing contractors in Bergen County and surrounding areas have shared a few ways that a pre-winter roof inspection can help prepare your roof for the winter.

How NJ Roofing Contractors Prepare Your Roof for the Winter

  • Prevent drainage problems

A professional roofing contractor will inspect your gutters to ensure the moisture on your roof is able to drain properly. NJ roofing contractors know that Bergen County autumns come with plenty of leaves, which can clog your gutters and lead to water damage. Leaves and other debris must be removed before winter sets in, as there will be plenty of melting snow that will require proper drainage.

  • Ensure shingles remain intact

The shingles on your roof can become loose and fragile over time, meaning a single snowstorm could cause serious damage to your shingles if they are not inspected during the autumn. Homeowners are encouraged to have an NJ roofing contractor perform any shingle replacements necessary to keep your roof intact during the winter and prevent further damage.

  • Identify problems inside your home

Damage to your roof or to the soft materials sealing your vent systems can lead to openings in the structure, which may cause water damage, mold, and infestations inside of your attic. A reputable NJ roofing contractor will inspect not only the surface of your roof, but they will ensure your attic is in good condition so that the cold weather does not worsen problems inside of your home.

  • Keep flashings in good condition

The flashings on your roof are what seal various components to the surface, such as skylights and chimneys. Just as the material around ventilation systems can break down over time, leading to openings in your roof, damage to your flashings will have the same effect on your home. Bergen County and other NJ homeowners should hire a roofing contractor to inspect these areas in order to prevent water damage and other issues during the winter.

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