Nov 06, 2018 : How Custom Built-Ins Make Home Improvement Easy in NJ

Minimum space, maximum functionality: That’s what an ideal household looks like. There are a lot of smart homeowners across New Jersey who have improved their living spaces dramatically by using custom built-ins. They’re easy to install and a godsend if you want to make sure every nook is being used to its fullest potential.


Here are a few examples of how these NJ home improvement tips can change a room when used well:

More for the family

What happens when a whole bunch of guests drop by for party? Or when you have family visiting unannounced and need more room? How about custom cabinets that double up as window seats? You get more seating, as well as storage space for all the extra stuff guests bring with them. This can also help during parties, when you have stuff that just needs to be stowed away temporarily, making it a great home improvement tip.

Bigger bathrooms and kitchens

You can use limited space to carry a lot more stuff than you think possible. For instance, open shelves in your bathrooms or kitchens can be used to hold not just smaller items like toiletries but larger things like towels. Or, store cutlery in the lower shelves and dishes in the upper ones. All you have to do is design these built-ins keeping your storage needs for NJ in mind.

Better basements

Why waste all that space in your NJ home when you can turn it into so much more than a dowdy storage area? A custom built-in here can add not just a television niche and bookshelves, but a fireplace that can transform a basement into a cozy den.

And more…

You can do anything you want as far as home improvement goes, and with any room, provided you plan it intelligently. Consider a fish tank in the center of a living space, for instance. You can custom build one inside a wall unit, allowing you to create more display and storage spaces for other things simultaneously.

Get custom built-ins at Magnolia Home Remodeling

You may be surprised by how a custom built-in can change your bathroom, kitchen or basement. If you have questions about home improvement in New Jersey, get in touch with our team for an estimate.

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