Nov 06, 2018 : Remodeling Your NJ Home? We Highlight Some Tips & What to Expect During Construction

So you’ve done the homework, picked your designs, argued about what should be done and are ready to remodel your home. That was probably the easy part. It’s the execution that matters though when everything on paper starts coming to life and you suddenly realize home remodeling isn’t going to be as easy a process as you imagined it would be.

Lots of home-owners in New Jersey find this out the hard way. So, here are some tips and what you should expect when the construction phase of your home remodeling begins.

A lot of noise

Nothing that involves drilling, hammering, sanding, and nailing is going to be a silent process. If buzzing and banging sounds annoy you, please prepare for a lot of it during home remodeling. If you have noise-canceling headphones, use them. Better still, take a walk around the neighborhood and come back only when the tools have been put away.

Heaps of dust

The amount of dust depends entirely on the scope of your home remodeling project in NJ. If it’s just a wall in one room, you may not need to seal the rest of your house off. There are things that can be done to minimize the dust though, like putting up plastic partitions and removing debris quickly. You can also use air filters.

Unforeseen delays

So you have a task lined up for this morning, but a snowstorm has cut your NJ town off for a while. What can you do? Try and keep a buffer for unexpected surprises that are beyond your control during home remodeling. Also, ask your remodeler to adjust the work schedule accordingly.

Other setbacks

When you start remodeling an old home, there are sometimes discoveries no one has planned for, like poor plumbing or faulty wiring. Allow for these surprises, because fixing them will only make your New Jersey house better and your remodeling project more successful. Always keep the safety of your family in mind.

Touching up

It’s after the big things are done during home remodeling that the details demand attention. Take a look at touching up a paint job or adjusting some hardware after the remodeling is done, so you don’t have to worry about it turning into a bigger problem a few months down the line.

Get a hassle-free remodeling experience with Magnolia Home Remodeling

When you do something for a quarter of a century, you get really good at it. We have remodeled countless bathrooms in New Jersey and will be happy to give you a free estimate. Contact us today!

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