Oct 27, 2018 : Magnolia Home Remodeling Group of New Jersey Suggests that Homeowners Use Andersen, Silverline, Alside & Marvin for More Energy Efficient Windows

Now that the fall season is upon us and the weather is beginning to get colder, more and more people are starting to consider what they can do to keep drafts from ruining a warm and comfortable atmosphere within their homes. The qualified tradesmen from Magnolia Home Remodeling Group of New Jersey recommend that homeowners who are looking to keep the heat in consider replacing their windows completely. This is because a window that is letting in a draft will not only cool the home, but hike up energy costs. Currently there are four different energy efficient products that Magnolia Home Remodeling recommends to customers: Andersen, MI Cutting Edge, Silver Line, Alside, and Marvin.
Andersen Windows
Andersen windows installed by Magnolia Home Remodeling are a viable option for homeowners looking to replace their windows for a huge number of reasons, including that they have been in the industry for over 110 years and have a reputation for providing quality products that are both energy efficient and affordable. In addition, Magnolia Home Remodeling provides customized installations on Andersen windows to improve the look and feel of your home.

MI Cutting Edge Windows

MI Windows and Doors is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of vinyl and aluminum windows and doors. With plants across the country, MIWD offers a broad spectrum of windows and patio doors and is backed by exemplary customer service. Having kept the focus on people as its greatest asset, MIWD continues to manufacture quality windows and doors under our respected brand. Our products serve distributors, architects, builders, remodelers and homeowners alike. At MI Windows and Doors, you can expect us to continue improving and we promise that our commitment to Seeing You Through will always remain the same.

Silver Line Windows

Silver Line windows, also manufactured by Andersen, improve the quality of life within a home by adding charm, energy efficiency, and very little maintenance. Moreover, all Silver Line windows that are installed by Magnolia Home Remodeling come with a Peace of Mind Limited Lifetime Warranty which makes sure your windows are in working order.

Alside Windows

Alside Windows installed by licensed window contractors from Magnolia Home Remodeling Group meet even the most rigid guidelines for energy efficiency that meet all types of budgets. Additionally, customers who choose to have Alside windows installed have the option of a variety of different colors, grid patterns, and glass styles to produce their ideal look.

Marvin Windows

Marvin Ultrex Pultruded Fiberglass has often been referred to as, “quite possibly the perfect building material.” This is because the fiberglass material that it is built out offers homeowners a durable, stable, low maintenance, smart, and long lasting product. Furthermore, Ultrex is approximately 8 times stronger than other wood and vinyl window products, making it as tough as steel.

To keep your home warm and energy efficient during the colder seasons it is a good idea to make sure that you have properly insulated. To learn more about energy efficient window options or to contact an experienced Window representative from Magnolia Home, NJ residents can visit the Magnolia Home Remodeling website at www.magnoliahomeremodeling.com or schedule a free estimate today!

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