Aug 16, 2022 : Marvin vs. Andersen Windows – Which Should You Choose?

One of the biggest home improvement investments you can make is replacing windows in your home. Long-lasting and durable windows do not have to be replaced more than once every 20 years, and because of the limited frequency,  many homeowners have limited experience in knowing where to start. 

When you learn all about double-hung windows and the reputable brands available, you will have a better view of where you should put your money. Should you go with fiberglass windows? What are the color options? All of these options are available to you, and you want to know all you can before investing in replacement windows for your home. 

We can start you out with a beginner’s guide to choosing the right window manufacturer for your home. 

The Difference Between Andersen and Marvin Windows

The top window manufacturers are Marvin and Andersen. They have both been in business since the early 1900s and have built a name for themselves when it comes to replacement windows. Marvin windows and doors offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Andersen offers a variety of price points so that you will always find a window that fits your lifestyle, including Andersen 400 Series, Andersen E series, and Renewal by Andersen. Choosing a New Jersey Andersen window installer is the next step. 

Let’s take a look and compare the brands, highlighting what may be a good fit for one lifestyle and better for another. Keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with choosing a New Jersey Andersen window installer by learning all about the materials first. 


For specific details on your windows’ price, speak with your New Jersey Andersen windows installer. Single-hung windows for Marvin and Andersen will be cheaper than double-hung window options. In addition, the prices for Marvin Elevate and Andersen E-Series are comparable. They both offer top-of-the-line products at competitive price. 

Regarding Marvin Elevate vs. Andersen Fibrex, Marvin wins out in a superior product at a comparable price. The frame is more durable, and the color is not at risk of washing out. When you pay a significant investment into windows, especially a premium series, you want the most out of your investment. Marvin Elevate is a top-quality line of windows.


For both brands, the high-end windows are built with wooden frames and aluminum cladding. The wood windows lend a classic, gorgeous element to your home. In addition, the in-style thin frames will require minimal maintenance, and you can count on the windows holding their seal and providing energy efficiency to your home. 

Marvin Elevate offers ultra-durable fiberglass that will not break. You can also see more glass in this line, offering the most natural light. Andersen Fibrex is also a quality window, but not as strong as Marvin Elevate. Speak with your New Jersey windows installer to find the brand that will serve your needs. 

Energy Efficiency

Both Andersen and Marvin offer window options that will increase the energy efficiency in your home. Are you tired of sitting by the window and feeling a constant stream of hot air sneaking in as you have your air conditioner on full blast? 

Stop paying inflated energy payments and replace your windows and doors. A New Jersey Andersen windows installer can guide you through the process and help you to see how much you will see in savings when you have new windows in your home. 


Andersen E-series windows offer customization options, including various wood species and 50 color options. In addition, you can choose specialty windows to fit your home in obscure shapes and sizes. 

Marvin also offers 19 different colors that will keep the original shine through exposure to outside elements. Also, Marvin Elevate windows are built to look as good as new through extreme heat, ice, and high winds with the patented acrylic exterior coating. 

Marvin Signature allows you to choose the window type, the molding, the grid patterns, and more. If you have a vision of what you want your windows to look like in your home, let your New Jersey windows installer help you sift through the dozens of customization options. 


Andersen E-Series and Marvin Signature have a 20-year warranty on the glass component, with Marvin having a 10-year warranty and Andersen with a 5-year warranty on the frame, respectively. An iron-clad warranty of 20 years shows each manufacturer’s confidence in its product. They wouldn’t offer two decades of warranty coverage if they had to replace window after window for free. Instead, a 20-year warranty speaks to how rare it is for the windows to break. 

Keep in mind that not every window offered by the company has the same warranty. For example, Fibrex windows have a 10-year warranty in comparison. Learn about your specific window and its warranty from your New Jersey Andersen windows installer. 

When you choose the right contractor, they will have the knowledge to install the windows correctly. One requirement of warranties is that they are only valid if the product was installed by a professional with industry knowledge. In addition, a New Jersey Andersen windows installer may have their own warranty for the installation coverage in case a mishap were to occur. 

Delivery Options

Both companies are based in Minnesota and ship out to their certified window installers. They are known to be reliable and timely when it comes to shipments. The products are available as soon as possible and constant communication helps contractors know when to expect the window shipments. 

Depending on your New Jersey Andersen windows installer, you will schedule a time where you can take a look at the windows before they are installed in your home. The contractor will take special care while transporting the fragile materials to guarantee they arrive at your home unscathed. 

When you work with the contractor, you can find a delivery and installation day that works for your family. Instead of having to haul out of the house on a busy Saturday, bring the team in while the kids are off at school during the week. 

Are You Looking to Replace Your Windows?

Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is ready to be your trusted New Jersey Andersen windows installer. If your windows are fogging up and your utility bills increase each month from inefficient, old windows, it’s time to do something about it. 

Our contractors are trusted in the business. We can take the quality windows and doors and install them so that they will last for decades with little maintenance. So beautify your home by updating the windows and letting in the natural light. Contact us today to get started.

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