Jul 09, 2021 : Silverline Windows: What You Need to Know

If you live in a home that has old windows, you know that replacement windows are on the horizon. You might see fogged windows and dew building up between the panes. The seal is bubbling out on some edges, and the lock no longer lines up with some windows as the house has settled over the years.

Replacement windows can make a massive difference in the appearance of your home. When you drive up to a home with new windows, the clean lines and the shiny panes seem to glimmer in the sun. And what about the energy-saving that is offered from new windows? You can cool your home in the heat of the summer without loads of cool air escaping through your old windows. 

But we all know that new windows and doors are a significant investment. So if you have to do it, you better do it right. Silverline windows are a trusted brand by Andersen windows that is respected by homeowners and contractors alike. Therefore, as you discover who sells Silverline windows, consider if they are the right team to buy from and hire to install the windows. 

Who Sells Silverline Windows?

Silverline windows are a trusted brand in the industry and are offered by many contractors in the window business. You should not have trouble finding Silverline at your local window and doors shop. 

Vinyl replacement windows come in a variety of quality and price points. You will find that Silver Line windows are a reliable brand at an affordable price. Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is a premier installer of Silver Line windows. The window company only partners with contractors they can trust, and Magnolia Home Remodeling Group has proven our competency. 

As a comparison, Silver Line windows are considered the same level as the American Craftsman windows by Ply Gem sold at Home Depot. The affordable windows are great for your home when you decide on a contractor who sells Silverline windows. 

Silverline Window Costs

Silverline windows are energy-star qualified, keeping your power costs low when you choose this quality window brand. When you find who sells Silverline windows and learn that you can trust them, you can discuss the price, including your return on investment. 

While total window replacements are an initial investment, you have to consider how much you’ll be saving each month with the addition of energy-efficient windows in your home. And you cannot forget to think about resale. A home with newly replaced windows sells for much higher than a home with old, leaky windows. New windows are right up there on the priority list with a new roof and a new HVAC system. 

As you are looking into the cost and who sells Silverline windows, consider these features that go into calculating the prices: 

  • Curb Appeal: The vinyl detail on Silverline windows create a finished look that increases the curb appeal of your home. The clean lines and vibrant whites from new windows emphasize the finishing touches you didn’t know your home needed. And then, when you add shiny, sparkling window panes on top of that, you have a recipe to dazzle visitors and passersby. 
  • Energy-Efficiency: As mentioned, the energy-star-qualified efficiency of new Silverline windows will save you in power bills. Each month, you will not have to pump as much energy to cool your home in the summer or heat your home in the winter. 
  • Easy-to-Clean: The top of the windows tilt inside to provide easy cleaning from the inside of your home. Your panes will wipe up effortlessly so you can keep that new, shiny look on your windows for years. 
  • Easy-to-Open and Close: The windows are specially designed to be easy to open and close. The balance system will virtually open itself once unlatched, so you don’t have to put your body weight into opening a window for fresh air. 
  • Weather-Proof: Special seals keep the harsh weather elements from coming inside. You may hear the wind and rain pounding against your windows, but you can be sure it stays outside where it belongs. 
  • Lock that Is Visible from Afar: The locks on the window can be spotted from across the room, so you can check for safety at any time during the day. Did you forget if you locked your windows the last time you shut them? That’s okay – a quick glance will confirm or deny. 

Investing in window and door replacements can feel overwhelming. But when you consider all of the benefits, you will be able to decide what is right for your home. Use logic and a pros and cons list to help the decision along. 

Silverline Window Warranty

Silverline windows come with a limited warranty, which includes the frame, sash, and vinyl replacement parts. The warranty is not transferrable to subsequent homeowners. And it does not include any Magnolia Home Remodeling Group. 

The warranty heavily relies on the installation of the windows. If you find an installer who sells Silverline windows, be sure they are invested in doing it correctly so that your warranty is valid. Ask questions to discover if the contractor has worked with Silverline windows in the past and is familiar with the warranty terms. 

Highlights and Features by Series

After you have nailed down a contractor who sells Silverline windows and vetted their knowledge and experience, you can choose the style of windows that you would like in your home. 

  • 9500 Series: These double-hung windows offer energy savings, beauty, and performance. They are the perfect combination to replace your old drafty windows. You can choose a stylish curved design to add to the wow factor. An oak laminate interior is available to fit in with your home. There is a safety latch for venting while keeping the window secure. Brass-toned locks are also available for your finishing touches. You can bring the window design into the forefront of your home décor. 
  • 8600 Series: Another double-hung window, the colonial brick-mold design offers a classic look to your home. A design element that is provided is a curved glazing bead detail. The top tilts in for easy cleaning from the inside of your home. This design also comes with a secure vent latch and locks that are easy to see from across the room. 
  • 8700 Series: These sliding windows have a durable rolling track and rollers that make the windows easy to open and close. The heavy-duty vinyl is perfect for low-maintenance windows. This style coordinates with the 8500 Series double-hung windows so you can have a variety of windows in your home that flow with the design. In addition, these windows are energy-star-qualified to be sure you maximize your home’s HVAC system. 
  • 2000 Series: These single-hung windows are perfect if you are on a budget. The single-hung feature does not block out as much air from the outside as the double-hung windows, but they are still highly rated and efficient. You can tilt in the bottom sash for easy cleaning. The top and bottom interlock to create a weather seal and minimize drafts. The simple, flat design can blend with any décor in the home. 
  • 70 Series Awning Windows: These windows hinge at the top and open from the bottom to keep out any weather that may blow in. They are energy-efficient and a fun alternative style for your home. In addition, the folding handle eliminates any interference that may occur with the blinds or shades that you choose for the window. 
  • 70 Series Casement Windows: These windows open smoothly and effortlessly, with a handle that folds in when not in use. The windows open out from the side and into the outside. They have a multiple-point locking system for secure closure. The fusion-welded, heavy-duty vinyl has proven to be durable and long-lasting. This style coordinates with the 70 Series awning windows. 

As you can see, there are a variety of windows to choose from with varying features and advantages. When you determine who sells Silverline windows and look at their options, you can mix and match the styles of windows that will work for you. Specific rooms in your home may be better suited for a stylish, double-hung window, while others will fair well with a more budget-conscious option. 

Silverline Window Replacement Installer in NJ

There are so many decisions to make when looking into window replacement. When you partner with a contractor like Magnolia Home Remodeling, you will be able to make an informed decision. Our experts in the business are here to answer any design, quality, or installation questions you have regarding Silverline windows. 

For premium installers of Silverline windows, you can count on Magnolia Home Remodeling Group. While you are searching for who sells Silverline windows, also consider the installation process. Our team will deliver the best possible results for your replacement windows. Contact us today to get started.

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