Aug 11, 2022 : Exciting Features to Consider When Remodeling Your Basement

A basement finishing project can be exciting to undertake. Expanding your home and installing a new wet bar, sauna, or game room sounds like a dream. But what do you need to know before starting a basement remodel in your New Jersey home? 

Aside from the elective and fun spaces that you would love to add to your home, do you have a need for the square footage in the basement? A home office, extra bathroom, or storage space can fit into the basement nicely and are much-needed additions to an existing home. Consider how you can balance your needs with your wants with your basement remodeling contractor.

Why Renovate Your Basement?

Whether you have a slab of concrete in the basement that you are using for makeshift storage or gym space, it’s always a good idea to complete a basement remodel. New Jersey homeowners can set up HVAC and lighting in the basement, which makes the area more welcoming and comfortable, meaning that you can adapt the space for whatever needs your family has. 

Homeowners renovate the basement for many reasons. They may need a mother-in-law’s apartment for a loved one who needs a place to live. They may want extra income by renting out new bedrooms in the basement. Or they may want to expand their home to spread out and have a place for entertaining. They may be looking to install a space that will provide a high ROI when it comes time to sell the home. Whatever the motivation, Magnolia Home Remodeling is your basement remodel solution in New Jersey. 

Factors to Consider Before Beginning Construction

Get down to business and make sure you do not miss any vital factors when planning a basement remodel in New Jersey. While expanding your home and including new entertainment areas can be fun, you do not want to miss vital budget elements. 

Consider decisions regarding flooring options. For example, would you like vinyl plank flooring that is damage resistant if there were a flood in the basement? What about electrical outlets? How will you incorporate the electrical hook-ups into your New Jersey basement remodel? 

When you set up your basement for comfortable living, think about the drainage system and flood risk. Has your basement been moisture-proofed and secured from outside water getting inside? 

Lastly, how much natural light can you let into the basement? Many people avoid a basement remodel because they do not like the feel of an underground dungeon. Does your basement design allow for egress windows to let in natural light? Does your budget allow for lighting installations? 

Consider Including These Unique Features

When you are ready to begin basement remodeling, make a plan for the space. Is the basement going to be all work and no play? Or the other way around? 

Here are some features to consider for your New Jersey basement remodel.

Home Theater

Getting out to the movie theater can feel like a hefty task at the end of a long day. Or if you have young children, the last thing you want to do is pay for everyone to go to a movie just to work on keeping them quiet the whole time. It doesn’t sound fun. 

Adding a home theater to your basement remodel is the perfect solution. You can get the theater experience in the comfort of your own home. You can invite friends to watch a big football game or have a scary movie night. 

Sauna or Home Gym

Some people use an unfinished basement for a home gym, with expensive equipment on the concrete slab and freezing as they exercise in the winter. 

Level up your home gym with recessed lights, comfortable flooring, and the perfect temperature. You can be confident in your expensive equipment staying in good condition, and be sure to line the walls with mirrors so you can keep an eye on form. Add a sauna for the perfect luxurious spa feeling after a long workout. 

Home Bar or Wine Cellar

Add a wet bar and food prep area to your entertainment space. Your finished basement can be a place of escape at the end of a long day when you have an entertainment area bar down there. Keep your wine and cold drinks all in one place, and sit back and enjoy. Or utilize the space to create a temperature-controlled area for your wine collection, keeping everything safe and delicious.

Game Room

A game room can include a big pool or air hockey table. Or you can keep it simple with a large round table and board games! Your family will create memories in the game room and even have a gathering area for friends and cousins to spend time with. 

Guest Suite

Are you dying for a guest room for your parents when they visit? If you are tired of kicking your children out of their rooms when guests visit, you can include a guest suite in your basement remodel. A bedroom/bathroom combo will add much relief to your home setup, and may provide a nice return on investment. 

Bookshelves and Reading Nooks

Add whimsy to your basement by building a reading nook lined with bookshelves so that you or your children can read quietly, away from the hustle and bustle. You can add lush blankets, pillows, and built-in lighting to make the experience magical. 

Use Creative Colors and Lighting

Your basement remodel is a blank slate. Implement your favorite colors and bold designs to make the décor specific to your personality. The possibilities are endless. Making your basement an oasis has never been easier than it is with Magnolia Home Remodeling Group. 

Ready for the Basement of Your Dreams? Magnolia Home Remodeling Group Can Help

At  Magnolia Home Remodeling Group we know what it takes to create the basement you’ve been picturing since you first bought your home. Finally, the time has arrived to make your dream a reality. 

Partner with our expert team to increase the space in your home and make it a cozy escape for your family and friends to gather on the weekends. Get started with Magnolia Home Remodeling today. 

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