Nov 05, 2018 : Replace Your Windows before winter with Energy Efficient Custom Fit Windows in NJ

If your house is older, or has experienced some shifting, you may have noticed that your windows no longer quite close properly.  This might seem like a minor annoyance, but it could actually be costing you a lot of money in extra air conditioning, on top of the inconvenience it adds to your daily life.

By choosing to install energy efficient custom fit windows in NJ, you could substantially improve your quality of life, while also bringing numerous other benefits as well.  Windows are a relatively inexpensive area of home renovation, so a fairly small investment in your home’s future could pay off significantly in the future!

With winter coming, there’s no better time to look into upgrading your windows.  Choosing Energy Star rated windows from Magnolia Home Remodeling could make the coming cold months so much better.

Four Ways Energy Efficient Custom Fit Windows in NJ Will Benefit You

1. Cost Savings

Replacing leaky windows with modern custom fit windows can make a big difference to your electric bill.  According to the Energy Star council, a typical house replacing older single-pane windows could see savings of $400 or more a year!  Plus, of course, the more windows you have – and the leakier they are – the more money you’ll save on heating and cooling.

2. Protect Your Belongings

Modern energy-efficient windows are treated to keep more harmful UV light out of your house, compared to older glass windows.  This means there will be less fading and sun damage to anything which is near the windows and receiving direct sunlight.   Your carpets, furniture, artwork, and more will last longer without the need to be replaced or renovated.

Additionally, most energy-efficient windows are also less susceptible to condensation on the inside – so you don’t have to worry about water damage to your windowsills or anything else underneath the windows.

3. Better Temperature Control

Beyond eliminating drafts and leaks, modern windows reduce the amount of ambient heat brought in through the windows.  You can enjoy a much more even and consistent temperature level around the house, rather than having pockets of hot or cold air depending on how far they are from the windows.

4. Noise Reduction

If you choose double- or triple-pane windows, particularly those which use a layer of gas like argon or krypton to trap the heat, they bring an additional side benefit: better noise-proofing.  Less noise will escape your house, and less noise from the outdoors will get in. 

Get Top Energy Efficient Custom Fit Windows in NJ from Magnolia

We have over 25 years’ experience bringing the best in NJ home renovation!  Contact us today for a free estimate on your window replacements.

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