Jul 22, 2022 : Top Questions to Ask a New Jersey Siding Contractor

There are all kinds of skilled, trustworthy, and professional contractors out there ready to do an excellent job for you and your family on your next home improvement project, like NJ-based company Magnolia Home Remodeling Group. Unfortunately, there are also those who are not licensed or insured and do not have the skills necessary to deliver the quality work you expect and are paying for. 

Sadly, the same issues come into play when it comes to finding a siding contractor. New Jersey homeowners may find that sifting through all the contractors willing to do siding work for you can be a chore, but essential to finding the best that you want working on your home. 

So, what do you need to know about siding and roofing contractors? Are there specific questions you should ask contractors as you interview them? How do you differentiate a quality contractor from one that is learning on the job – your job? 

Should I Repair or Replace My Siding?

It can often be hard for a homeowner to know whether their siding needs repair or a complete replacement. This is where getting several opinions can be extremely helpful. Perhaps a siding contractor that is looking at your home is willing to show you and educate you on why they believe that you should do one thing over another. In that case, it’s usually a sign that they know what they are doing and are confident in their skills.

Many times, the damage is hidden under the siding, and you don’t see the real problem until it is removed. Someone that just looks at the siding itself and says that there is moisture and wood rot underneath would not be able to truly know that unless the siding is taken off first.

Do You Have Insurance?

You want to be sure that the company you hire is insured, including compensation insurance. Hiring someone that is uninsured is risky, and you might end up being liable or not compensated if an accident were to occur and damage were to be done. Even worse, if an uninsured worker were to get hurt on the job, you could be left paying their medical bills.

What Is the Warranty on Your Siding?

When it’s time for you to replace the siding on your home, executing the project is no small undertaking. A siding replacement can be costly, but it will be well worth protecting your home and family from the elements, and if you choose the right material, it can last for years.

Even though your siding should last for a long time, you want to purchase a product that has a warranty that comes with it. It’s good to know that the best siding manufacturers offer a warranty on their products, but it’s also good to know exactly what is covered.

Ask in detail about the siding that your contractor will be using and what kind of warranty is or isn’t included. Make sure you understand the details of your warranty before moving forward.

What Siding Is Best for My Home?

Every siding contractor has a list of recommended siding materials that they prefer. Be sure that they install and work with companies with years of trust behind them, including James Hardie Siding, Alside, Royal Siding, Owens Corning, and ASCEND Composite Cladding System. Here’s some further information about the siding Magnolia Home Remodeling Group utilizes.

ASCEND Composite Cladding System

ASCEND Composite Cladding System has won “most innovative building material” awards from the National Association of Home Builders and is a first-of-its-kind material. The siding installation is quick and has the look of natural painted wood. 

Alside Vinyl Siding

Alside is an excellent maintenance-free vinyl siding that comes in all kinds of textures and colors. One of the best things about it is that it carries a lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong there!

Certainteed Vinyl Siding

Certainteed vinyl siding offers fade-resistant colors and a lifetime limited warranty. There are options like a classic clapboard, shiplap, beaded, shakes, or shingle profiles in different styles and textures.

James Hardie or Cement Siding

James Hardie or cement siding is arguably the best type of siding on the market. Not all contractors can install it, though. In order to install this type of siding, contractors must go through a certification process first. If you want this type of siding installed on your home, this is an important question to ask – “are you certified to install James Hardie siding”?

Royal Siding

Royal siding offers different kinds of vinyl siding, cellular PVC siding, aluminum, and wood. Royal Building Solutions is well known for its quality products. You can’t go wrong when choosing anything they manufacture.

What Types of Projects Have You Worked On?

Asking about past projects that your siding contractor has worked on and for references and/or job sites that you can visit to see their work is a big help when choosing the right contractor for you. If you are talking to a professional certified contractor that isn’t hiding anything, they will be happy to provide all of the above. In fact, they will probably be excited to show off their amazing work!

How Much Maintenance Will My Siding Need?

 A great question to ask before choosing a siding material is, “How much and what kind of maintenance will my siding need?” If your contractor is really familiar with the siding that you want to install, this will be an easy question for them to answer. 

Magnolia Home Remodeling Is The Top New Jersey Siding Contractor

When choosing a local contractor to complete your siding project, choose a New Jersey siding contractor that you can trust and has an excellent reputation behind them. Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is a top New Jersey siding contractor that only uses quality products in our home remodels. We offer installation of siding products, including James Hardie, Royal Building, and Ascend Composite Cladding. 

If you have siding damage or want to change the look of your home with a new siding finish, contact Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, your premier New Jersey siding contractor, today to learn more. 

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